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  1. Hello, I got no answer for 2 weeks from the support. I was not able to find their phone number. Where can I find it please? Thanks,
  2. Still no answer from support. What's their phone number????
  3. I got no answer from the support since more than a week :/
  4. Any idea? What to do if I can't solve my problem on this forum?
  5. I did already and it did not change anything :/
  6. After a factory reset it should not be the case should it?
  7. Hello, I suddenly have an issue with Bluetooth on my R-41PM. The blue LED stays on as if a Bluetooth device was connected but none is connected. I tried to factory reset the speakers which should clear the Bluetooth pairing history but the issue remains. If I maintain the bluetooth button for 3 seconds, the blue LED flashes only once and no device can "see" the speakers. Any idea?
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