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    Sorry guys had a family emergency that kept me unavailable for the past several days. They are not sold but I need to focus on some other items for a bit.
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    Still available…
  3. How is the condition of the amplifier if still available? Thanks.
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    I make it up that way from time to time for work. I would possibly entertain splitting the drive.
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    Pair of excellent condition Klipsch Chorus II speakers for sale, $800.00. I purchased these 5 or so years ago from the original owner and have absolutely loved my time with them. I just have the itch to try something different. Always driven with quality electronics and never pushed hard, as I tend to listen at moderate levels. I updated the to Crites crossovers and titanium tweeters. Replaced to dented passive radiator dust caps, and updated the somewhat faded grill cloth with fabric from Bob Crites. That job was not perfect as it was my first time attempting, but very presentable. Lastly I purchased some custom slanted risers and removed the factor risers. I have both sets and they will be included in the sale. Hoping to find a Klipsch owner who will enjoy these as much as i have. Local pick up only in NW Fort Wayne, IN.
  6. Klipsch Factory Speaker Diaphragm, K-52, K-53-Ti, Titanium, 16 ohms, 127122 pair. As new. Had planned to use them with Klipsch Chorus II, but had a change of plans. Price is for the pair. Shipping to be paid by buyer, I will absorb the PayPal fees. Thanks for your interest.
  7. They fit, and seem to work but I have seen some conflicting information in the Forum. Initially Roy D from Klipsch indicated they would work which is why I bought them. Later I saw some dialogue indicating that it was not an exact match for tuning.
  8. Pair of mint KD-15 Passive Radiators that I ordered directly from Klipsch and did not end up using for my Klipsch Chorus II speakers (ordered in late January 21). Still have double box provided by Klipsch for safe shipment. Cost me $175.00 plus tax and shipping. Price of $90 is for pair. This passive was used in Klipsch Forte III model. 15” with Klipsch logo. Available also through US AudioMart posting. Klipsch KD 15 passive Radiators Like New Forte III For Sale - US Audio Mart Buyer to pay shipping I will absorb PayPal fee. Boxed and ready to ship! Thanks for your interest.
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