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  1. https://www.adorama.com/kpr28f2.html?sdtid=14713850&emailprice=t&sterm=xSqTLH2LkxyLU-hwUx0Mo3YmUkEy7yx10UF-080&utm_source=rflaid913055 Maybe good deal for someone. Saw this on Reddit.
  2. For any of you that didn't know about my RF7iii issue before I almost sold my RF7 2 months ago:
  3. Hey guys, those are my speakers for sale. LOL! Finally got my Rf7III after getting a damaged 1st shipment. Meeting iwsplking Friday!!
  4. Well to update this, getting a new pair exchanged. Hope all goes well next week. Will update!
  5. yes, sat down looked at it and just shook my head. For costing nearly 4k should be better. I will say after having a set of RF7s for about 5 years the one (right) sounds amazing by itself so I greatly applaud that 👏 Lol
  6. Absolutely. I feel many companies have not gotten it right the first time lately.
  7. Retailer called Klipsch on my behalf, setting up 2nd pair with return and delivery paid. Thumbs up on customer service from Klipsch and them! Still extremely disheartening there aren't 4 or 5 recessed fasteners on both sides to prevent this to begin with. 🤔
  8. They are, in fact consecutive. Yes, my jaw nearly hit the floor when we tilted it ever so slightly and the entire baffle flung out. Package was shipped on a pallet to my job. From truck to my pickup. Straight home. Stayed banded on the pallet to prevent any issues. I am 100% sure it was not a shipping issue.
  9. Just bought a brand new pair of Klipsch RF7-III in Walnut. Beautiful speaker. Opened up the first box no issues whatsoever. Opened up the second one and attached the Plinth and Floor Spikes. Stood the speaker up vertical to move into place, then this happened. Bought from a Retailer, very understanding and helpful. Any thoughts on what to do?
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