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  1. Klipschorn AK3 1993 walnut perfect condition sound incredible and kept in perfect condition they are matching but one of the labels came off. No tears and the speakers look brand new If interested let me know. I wanted 4300 in San Antonio two speakers but I can send more pics if interested
  2. Thank you I think it’s a good deal and they don’t need any improvements, they haven’t been use that much and they’re 1993 and in perfect shape, I had some 1976 models but those needed some work so I’m happy. I will need a receiver now I was thinking to get the Carver receiver or an old school Yamaha I had a tube amp on my old clips horns but I didn’t like it. I don’t have a ton of money to spend so 1500 so I don’t think I can get a tube amp at that low of a price that’s decent thanks
  3. It’s two of them left right for $4300. I think good deal as perfect condition and barely used. Kept in climate control
  4. Thanks. Getting tomorrow at $4300 mint condition
  5. I was told these Klipschorns are 1990-93 but not sure. Thanks AK3. They seem good 044392007
  6. Thanks. I kinda of thought that eventually I will want something else
  7. Thanks Bethany easy fix I’ll do that this week and report back I already put a false wall
  8. Ok thanks. I’ll check. Ok I’ll take pics. Eventually I’ll put them in a climate controlled barn
  9. I have them in the garage man cave there’s a pictureI have them in the garage man cave there’s a picture
  10. Oh wow Tom. Thanks. That I will try. Yeah I join this audio club here and everyone saying I need to do this and do that but as far as I’m concerned, the speaker sound perfect so I’ll just do that and save money and be happy, I will get a better receiver that Vincent 500, I was a little concerned that was only 50 W but I think that’s enough I do like to play it loud I’m also getting a dak and I think that’s it They’re pushing me to get vinyl and a record player but I think I’m just gonna stay with streaming high definition Amazon I found that gives a better signal Thanks again
  11. Thanks yeah I’m checking that. I think Crites cross top of line are 500 and components can be another 1500. Ugh that’s almost as much as what I could have bought those used 70th anniversaries Khorns 1000 less
  12. The speakers sound perfect to me but friend says upgrade to Crites cross and new woofs but they were in art studio barely used and sound perfect im getting Vincent 500 integrated amp only 50 watts and Dac but do I need to upgrade speakers or wait i also thought about just selling for 3000 as they are worth it and maybe spend double on 70th anniversaries Khorns as I’ve seen some for 6-7k used help please doorwayministryatgmail
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