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  1. Yeah, the Schiit gear was just a placeholder while I made a decision on the Tube Phono and Pre, so Im excited to hear all the tubes in line in comparison. Erhard should have me that by laf November. Even when comparing the ST-70 with the Schiit pre and Phono to the the Marantz PM-8 SS, I def lose definition, so I can't wait to to have a tube setup all the way through.

  2. Thats great to hear! I'm excited to listen to the Tube pre. Right now I'm just running a Schiit Sys with the Dac or with the Schiit Phono through the St-70 and it doesn't sound too bad TBH. 

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  3. First song was a High Quality  version of Dear Prudence, then Camarillo Brillo, then Alaska by The Cabin Project, Conquerer by Jesu and then Bat Chain Puller by Captian Beefheart. All from Tidal, because it was easy to bring my dac and Marantz 2252 out to the garage.

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  4. Yup. I picked up a pair and another dude got the other pair. The other guy drove all the way down from Tacoma to get them. I should have bought both. 


    He gave me a pair for $1000 since he didn't have to deliver them! 

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