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  1. I’ll have better pics later.. don’t have time at the moment. If price seems unreasonable let me know. Prefer to get rid of all at once locally rather than sell off, but open to offers as I know many might need individual parts. Anyway…

    1 k24 woofer

    1 k76 tweeter

    1 k 53k mid?

    1 heresy ii crossover (circular one)

    2 Heresy I cabinets (one motorboard off pretty clean though)

    1 original black H I grill w/o badge









  2. Chicago has a great radio station (WXRT 93.1) that plays an excellent mixture of music with dj’s that love music, not just an annoying personality. Amazing selections of music both new and old with an old school feel. My Fisher 500c just sounds great paired with Cornwall’s and given the opportunity I definitely give that setup time during the week. 

  3. Question... New to builds and was considering trying to build a super heresy. I came across the kappa pro 12-a’s locally for a decent price and was wondering how far out of spec that would be? Would there need to be altered crossover mods? I don’t really know how to read or measure so figured I’d ask. I have seen the recommended delta pro 12 a and a couple others as the preferred choice. Additionally, if I wanted to try to make a vertical super heresy and needed to build a cabinet would I just make it slightly longer and narrower to get the same area? 

  4. I checked these out today as my second set of Cornwall I’s don’t have original grill covers. The tweeters and woofer cutouts were not in the correct position for my speakers, so maybe they are from C2’s?


    Both tweeter sets measure 2” from the top and gap between tweeter and woofer is about 1.75”. These were more like 1.5” and 1”.  Didn’t think of that before I left so thought I might be able to save someone a trip. 

    The little dots are just lots of velcro by the way

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