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  1. Thanks for the thoughts and advice everyone. I ended up ordering a pair of RP-600m's. I carved out a section of the room to use for listening. It's about 9' wide by 12' deep and will just have my favorite chair situated on the centerline of the two speakers. I'm mess around with placement, toe in and such after I get everything set up. I will make some accoustic panels if I need to I'll probably move headphone amps and such into the room as well. It's mostly a place to quietly read and listen to some music. Firearms, motorcycles and boats are my big hobbies and I already have a couple huge shops/man caves. I'm looking forward to hearing the 600m's to see if they live up to the reviews that I've seen. At the current price they seem like a bargain. When our last kids moves out I'll have a 15x20 room to use for a dedicated listening room. Stay safe and healthy everyone. The help is genuinely appreciated.
  2. How do you like the 316BEE so far? That seems to be one of the best values in it's price range for a good integrated amp right now. I'm surprised they didn't put a sub out on it. If you want to add a sub it just requires going with a sub that has high level inputs, which I think is a great way to go anyway.
  3. Hello All. New member. I am in the process of setting up a new listening area. I'm a builder and developer, and when we built our current home I knew our daughter would be off to college. We completely sound insulated her room. The room is 12x18 with 9' ceilings that are coffered up to 9'6 in the center. It is carpeted, drywall. My wife wants to leave a queen bed in the room, but other than that, there won't be any furniture. We have a home theater system in the great room, which is fine for casual music listening, with small speakers and a sub. My wife isn't open to the idea of adding floor standers, and it's a 24x30 room with 11' ceilings and a large wall of glass. The soon to be vacant room is my best chance for a listening space. I currently use a variety of nice headphones and headphone gears. Anxious to have a decent speaker setup again. I haven't settled on an amp and dac yet. I am wanting to let my speaker choice somewhat dictate that. I primarily listen to streamed or stored high res music, and may add a turntable in the future. I listen predominantly to blues, from vintage to modern. Also some classic rock, Led Zep, Clapton, etc., and some rockabilly. I enjoy the detail of high res music, being able to pick out individual instruments, subtle sounds. I'm thinking of a stereo amp or integrated amp with around 50w per channel into 8ohms. The initial setup will be the amp with a preamp, or an integrated amp, a separate DAC, probably a Schitt. a laptop for streaming, and speakers. I anticipate the speakers being 6-8' apart, and my listening position being 8' or so from the speakers. The amps I've considered so far have been Cambridge, Schitt, Emotiva, the Outlaw RR2160 and a few others. Mostly in the $500- $1,100 dollar range. I don't have a Klipsch dealer anywhere close to me, so auditioning is probably a bit out of the question. I'm leaning towards RP-600M's on stands. I'd prefer floor standing, but with a relatively small room I don't want to overwhelm the space. I'm not opposed to used. A lot of blues fans seem to enjoy some of the older Klipsch's. The RP-800F seems like it could work, but I worry that it may be too much speaker for the room. I don't enjoy an over abundance of bass. I enjoy accuracy with enough bass, but don't like overdone bass, especially when it's boomy. I'd prefer to stay at 1k or less for a pair. Any and all advice or thoughts, including amps for specific speakers, would be genuinely appreciated.
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