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  1. Marc Alexander

    Modding Synergy's for upgrade

    The Eminence ASD1001 seems to be the popular choice to replace the stock compression drivers. I also see where many use the ADF25 adapter. Are folks actually using the screw-on version of the Eminence driver? Are there advantages to increasing the throat length with this approach? It seems like the Eminence ASD1001b could be directly mated to the horn. No?
  2. Marc Alexander

    Modding Synergy's for upgrade

    I now have the Lyngdorf MP-50 SSP, Class D amplification (D-Sonic), acoustic treatments & bass traps. I got really curious how well Room Perfect could deal with horns. I have a pair of JBL Studio 580s and a friend trying to sell 4 NIB 590s. It was tempting but too expensive. I decided to start with the KSF-10.5s and see what kind of system (5.1 - 9.1) I could build with a budget limit of $1k. Now I have the KSF-10.5, KSF-8.5s, KSF-C5, SF-2s, and just acquired a pair of SF-3s. The SF-3s were essentially given to me because the woofers didn't play on one tower. I went to test them this morning and immediately spotted the problem. The shorting bars are missing! Otherwise, it plays just fine. Now, I want to replace the aluminum compression drivers as described in this thread.
  3. Marc Alexander

    Modding Synergy's for upgrade

    20 years ago I was nearing graduation and shopping for my first real system. I visited the Good Guys to checkout a highly regarded (for the $$) set of Energy Towers. I wasn't blown away… not until I heard the Klipsch KSF-10.5s. I knew I had to have them. A year later I pre-ordered the Kenwood VR-2090 AVR. I had to sacrafice the KSF-10.5s for 8.5s to afford the KSW-15. I ended up with 8.5s, S5s, C5, and the 15" sub. The Kenwood couldn't handle all 5 speakers (these really should be rated 6Ω nominal). It only had pre-out for the center and surrounds so I added a H/K 5800. At that time it was the best sound I had experienced at home or in the theater (I was living in Huntsville, AL). I moved back to California in 2005 into an apartment (I had to start saving money for a house). I sold everything and got close to what I paid for the Klipsch. In the apartment I wanted something sleek. I liked the DefTech Mythos design (my uncle had a 7.1 Mythos setup) but my curiosity led me to the Mirage Omnisat v2s. I have been rocking Mirage ever since and have a 9.1.6 layout with the flagship Mirage OMDs up front. For movie dynamics, there is nothing else like horns & compression drivers. After running into the KSF-10.5s I bought them for nostalgia. I only use them to test components including amplifiers (SS & tube) due to their transparency.
  4. I would like to replace the round plastic feet on my KSF 10.5s with spikes like the newer RFs. Has anyone done this or know of the best way to go about doing this?