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  1. Sorry, I'm still awaiting payment from Tony T and I haven't heard from him since Saturday, so if I don't hear from him by tomorrow morning, I'm going to assume that he has lost interest in these and they will be back up for sale.
  2. Pair of Type E crossovers with Sonicap Gen 1. I tried these in my Heresy's but went back to the original Type C crossovers. $150 shipped conus.
  3. Pair of Crites CT120 tweeters for sale. 8 ohm. In order to fit the existing hardware on my speakers, I needed to drill out the mounting holes about an 1/8" larger than they were originally but other than that they are as they came from Crites. They are 100% working. I went back to the original K77's, as I'm one of the few who prefers the K77's over the CT120's. $180 shipped conus. Will be well packed.
  4. I have a mismatched pair of woofers in my Heresy's and I would like to find another woofer that would allow me to make a matched pair. One is a K-22. The other is a K-22-E. Both have alnico magnets. Date code on the cabinets is 1973. Does anyone have an exact match for one of these woofers pictured:
  5. Hi Oicu812. Thanks for the welcome. The serial numbers are 6L581 and 6L581. These numbers are on the label and also stamped into the back of the cabinet.
  6. Well I decided to just start out by replacing the caps in the stock type C crossovers with new Sonicaps Gen I. I’m very happy with the results. The midrange and treble sizzle is now gone. There’s multiple more levels of clarity now. The soundstage is huge, and on some recordings the sound will creep along the side walls. When I had the back panels off, I put some of the Parts Express speaker gasket tape around the back to seal up the back panel. The bass now is very tight and articulate, even on a low watt tube amp. Absolutely no “boominess” in the bass. The bass is audible down to 40 Hz, which is just fine for my tastes most of the time. I have a powered subwoofer but I hardly ever have the desire to turn it on. These speakers just sound fantastic. They are so lively and engaging. They are my favorite speakers that I’ve ever owned. My last pair of speakers were KEF LS50’s. Those sounded good but they were boring compared to the Heresy’s. The KEF’s didn’t do well with tube amplification, they were only good with my solid state amp. The Heresy’s are in a 13’ X 14’ room, powered by a SET amp with EL34 output tubes. One thing I noticed when working on these is that one of the speakers is ¼” deeper than the other. The one that’s bigger uses ¾” thick motorboard vs ½” for the smaller speaker. I’m wondering if these were originally sold as single center channel speakers and then someone found two of them and passed them off as a pair. Either way, I’m not worried about it, as they sound so good. Any comments from anyone are welcomed
  7. I have these Tekton's for sale in Rochester, NY: https://rochester.craigslist.org/ele/d/penfield-tekton-lore-mini-lore/7251902539.html
  8. Well, I've been doing a little more searching, and based on the following thread, I think I'm just going to replace the caps for now: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/172948-type-c-d-or-e-crossover-for-heresy-1973/&tab=comments#comment-2201974 The speakers sound pretty good but they seem to lack a little transparency. Hopefully new caps will "lift the veil".
  9. Hello, I’m new to the forum but not new to Klipsch. I’ve owned Forte’s, KG3’s, and now I have Klipsch Heresy I HWO12. 1973, according to serial numbers. K77 tweeters K-55-V squakers K-22 and K-22-E woofers - yes, different woofers in each speaker. Not sure how that happened. All of these drivers measured under 8 ohms Crossover is Type C. Has 1uf and 2uf paper in oil caps. I’m thinking that at the very least I should replace the almost 50 year old caps. I checked Crites website and I don’t see Type C replacement crossovers. I would have purchased those if available. Can I go to another type of crossover, or should I just replace the caps on these crossovers? Eventually, I might want to try the CT120 tweeters, and maybe even the A-55-G mid drivers. I just don’t know what to do with these Type C crossovers. One thing I think I had read in other posts is that the type C crossover might have been designed for 16 ohm woofers. Is this true? The woofers in these speakers measure under 8 ohms.
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