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  1. Thank you for the response. Do you have particular models and/or combinations you would recommend? As far as the amps?
  2. I agree with you. I have had experience with both sets, hands down best choices. BUT, while the overall sq ft of home is good, no single space will do either justice. I love the smaller Heritage products, and in multiple smaller spaces they can be awesome. Technologically speaking I am a 1980/90’s era audiophile and Klipsch guy. I simply don’t know what amp configuration and/or brand to use now. Especially if I decide to throw some of my older speakers into the mix in my man cave/garage and run all of it of a central system.
  3. Hi. I have lots of experience with old Heritage gear, 1977 Heresy speakers combined with 1985 KG4 speakers and a Klipsch Sub, all driven by a Luxman R115. I have owned most of it since new, it is now at my farm. Needless to say we can entertain the wildlife! I am moving to a new home, already built, and want to create a new multi room system, anchored with modern Heritage series gear. I already bought a brand new set of Heresy IV speakers. At a bare minimum, I will buy a second set for another main room. This system is going to be music only, no TV or theater stuff. I would like to incorporate some modern amenities like Bluetooth for whole house access, and possibly be able to zone it for outdoor use, and possibly something like Sonos speakers/system in lesser used rooms. I am looking for recommendations on the Amplifier and system, with priority given to what will get great performance out of 2-4 Heresy 4 speakers, and possibly more. My experience with the older Klipsch is that the amp definitely made a difference, regardless of power. Finally, I have an extra set of KG4 and KG2 speakers not in use up at farm. Could this older stuff pair up well with an amp that meets my needs with the modern H4’s? Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks
  4. Thanks! KG4s are definitely fun! I had not thought about adding an external selector switch - thanks! Have you had experience with any brand or model in particular? The big question is what if I did want to run like 8 KG4 or bigger speakers simultaneously? (Which I’ve never done) I know the Luxman R115 won’t do it. Looking for recs on how to do it in case I get wild. Thanks!
  5. Hey kids! New guy here! I have owned multiple sets of Klipsch speakers for many years. Only interested in the old stuff. I currently have a setup at my farm house with four KG4 speakers (two 1989, two 1985) and an RW 10 sub. It is powered by a LUxman R115 unit. I want to buy more speakers and run them off the same system. 6 or 8 total. What would y’all do as far as an amp set up? I really want to have four in one room (as is), and two more each in two other rooms. I know I can do it with ADCOM stuff, but don’t know how to set it up or what actual components to buy, how to hook up? Thanks!
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