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  1. I can also pick up when convenient any day.
  2. I can pick them up pm if theyre available.
  3. Hey I'm sure this has been asked hundreds of times. Recently purchased some Forte II's. I listen to mostly classic rock, industrial, jazz, blues, and synthpop like Depeche mode. What is your recommendations on a good amplifier to pair with these preferably under $500 dollars. New or vintage. Thanks!
  4. Hello! New member and long time visitor. I recently purchased my first home near Chicago and I've finally reached the listening room stage in furnishing my home. I am looking for a set of heresy mk 1 or 2 or Fortes. I've heard them both many times. I'm having a diffucult time finding ones that aren't thrashed, etc. I will be pairing them with a McIntosh MC 2500 or a Marantz 2270. Let me know if anyone has anything nice that's worth looking at. Appreciate the forum and all you guys do for this niche of the community.
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