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  1. Another thing if you guys are still looking. Should I test the autotransformer ? If so how. Do they generally work or not work ? It seems to me that would be the case however with my limited knowledge I would rather ask. Once again just to re state my problem. When using one of the networks is down a few dB from the other one and I have swapped the horns. Same results from the same network. Muted sound from the squawker. I pulled the 7uF and used a cheap tester on it. ESR was high but uF measured at or around 7. The resistor measured just fine.
  2. @Chief bonehead Said "It is especially challenging when working with horn horn loaded drivers because the impedance curve is increase and varies quite a bit more." And this is what I was concerned with and why I was asking about this cap thing. Horns are a different breed when it comes to speakers. I am just not familiar with them at all. Also the transformer/autotransformer (not sure what its actually called). I have never played with networks with that involved.
  3. And now I am thinking about building an external crossover to play with parts........ Where my mind go's sometimes, whew.
  4. I have had and still do have Snell speakers. Snell matched everything up in the crossovers using all sorts of different capacitor values and types for that matter. I have found that in a set of speakers that the crossover capacitors are of different values in each speakers crossover network. No a huge difference but indeed, a difference. I love every set of Snell's that I have. Three sets, J III's , E III's and C/V's. I will heed the above advice and use as close as possible to the same as original value. If it says 2uF then no 2.2uF's. Thanks @Deang.
  5. Not quite decided yet. I know that sounds vague and probably not helpful but I really have not made up my mind. Just tossing around ideas. I do not think to be honest that it would hurt to use an electrolytic in the woofer position but that 7uF in the mid position I am unsure. You Klipsch guys have to know a lot more than I do about that. Well, I should not say you Klipsch guys like its just you. I have three pair's and love every set.
  6. Do not mind 100 bucks you know. I also have no trouble using lytics in the woofer positions. For that matter in my Polk SDA's I am using oil filled AC run caps in the MW section to great effect. Was more like wondering what you all use because I am not as up on Klipsch as I am some other products. I have rebuilt many a crossover network however I would at think that Klipsch might be a horse of a different color with the high sensitivity and all. I have a pair of Quartets with the titanium diaphragms and Clarity caps. I have a completely bone stock set of Fortes (I) and a set of Chorus (I) as well. I like the way the Fortes sound a lot. The Quartets are excellent. Its just these Chorus that I am doing up right now because of the squawker issue. they actually sound pretty good besides that as they are. I do have titanium diaphragms in them already.
  7. And exact values ? Within 5-10% of original OK or exact values only. Anyone done that or have suggestions ?
  8. Hello, restoring a set of crossovers on Chorus "I" . The squaker in one of the cabinets is down a few dB from the other (already switched cabinets to check horn) or I would not mess with them to be honest. I see a lot of 6.8 caps a lot of choices for 2.2 uF caps too. Are you all finding exact values or are you using exact values such as can be found in sonicap. I do not want to spend sonicap money to be frank. So I guess my question is what do you use. Thanks, Jim.
  9. Not sure yet what I am going to do with them. I have a jam session planned today/tomorrow night were a few of us get together and have a listening party. We all bring what we want to listen to and hook it up and sit and listen to all different sorts of equipment . I am probably going to have a good listen then . As far as that wax goes I have some, (the feed and seed wax) and I am going to hit them with that too. Thanks for all the suggestions. Folks seem friendly and helpful here. I like that.
  10. Thanks a million. I used some Howard's R.A.F. mahogany that I already had on hand to see what would happen. I think they came out nice !
  11. Hi, new here and have what I am sure are nube questions. I have a set of KG ² speakers that are pretty much like new however the veneer is dried out pretty bad and I would like to know what I should use according to the experts here to oil them back up. I am assuming they need oil anyhow. The number's on the back are "KG 2 WO". I would assume that means Walnut Oiled however I know that assuming makes an _____ out of me so I had better ask ! Thanks for having me here and allowing my questions. Good day !
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