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  1. Weekend bump with price reduction
  2. Mapleshade Scott Lk48, $975 just re tubed couple months ago with EL84’s JJ’s from Tube Depot matched quad. Also Matsushita 5ar4 $80 few months old (Mullard copy made with Mullard tooling) I have both and can’t tell difference.Also have some Electro Harmonix I’ll through in. Phono section was disconnected by Mapleshade to keep noise down but can be connected back. This is a great amp I have owned it for 10 years and never any problem has played flawless. I used it with Altec 604’s, klipsch, Joseph Audio Pulsar, and LSA towers with ribbon tweeter 6ohm 87 db with fantastic results. Hard to let this amp go just trying to fund a speaker purchase. 15 year member Audiogon username paulcreed 100% feedback. Payment PayPal family and friends, personal check, money order, buy with confidence from long time audiophile. Will post pictures tonight thank you for looking
  3. Jimbo I do have proof that it is a true Mapleshade mod. I found the knobs and I felt raising price a little was warranted since I had no idea of its value, is why I asked here. There's one on eBay for $1700 so around $1100 I thought was a fair asking price to start. It also left a little room if lower offer was made. I really don't want to argue I'm just going to pull the amp of the market I really don't want to have to deal with implying it may not be a Mapleshade mod, knobs and so on. I'm going to just keep the amp. Sorry for any trouble I caused.
  4. To be honest that's why I hope someone buys it quick before I chicken out, I really do love this amp that's why I've held on to it so long. My tube pre and solid state amp cost almost 8 times what I'm asking but this amp comes across more musical and satisfying at times, it's hard to let go. Only reason for sale is new phono pre that maybe I really don't need, mark 1101 does make sense?
  5. Knobs are in a box somewhere, If I can find them, I may have to find some on flea bay. I like the big knobs for easier adjustment personally doesn't bother me and like the look of silver knobs may not be for everyone.
  6. Sorry Mapleshade feet would not be included, thanks
  7. May need to up price a little then $1150
  8. Sorry Mapleshade amp has been pulled from its sale. Sorry for any inconvenience to all out ther that looked at the Scott. Thank you Paul, any concerns please feel free to contact me.
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