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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie on audio and home theatre. I have a home 7.1.4 home theatre system. Room size is L 3.74 meter (12,2ft) and W 3.11 meter (10,2 ft) and H 2.95 meter ~ 9.6 ft The receiver is Denon x3700h with crown XLi 800 for Front Speaker Front Speaker : RP-8000F (Distance to listener around (2 Meter ~ 6.5ft) Center Speaker : RP-504C (Distance to listener around 2 Meter ~ 6.5ft) Side Surround : RP-500M (Distance to listener around 1.5 Meter ~ 4.9ft) Rear Surround : Some Aiwa Speaker Pair 6ohm (Distance to listener 1Meter ~ 3.2 ft) Atmos Front & Rear : RP-500SA Sub : SPL-120SW I believe some may say 7.1.4 will make the sound muddled for such a small room, but I really can notice a difference when playing games with those rear surround. The rear surround somehow makes the experience more whole. The aiwa rear surround is planned to be temporary, but actually in my opinion, currently the rear surround already sounds pretty great. I really don't believe that there is a significant benefit if I repllace the aiwa rear speaker to klipsch speaker. But for uniformity sake, if I'm changing it to a klipsch, will RP-400M suffice? (I know bigger is better, but the speaker position is actually only 1 M ~ 3.2 ft from the listener). I originally want to buy an RP-500M as RP-600M is really overkill in my opinion, but after reading here and there, I think the RP-400M will do just fine. What do you guys think? Thanks.
  2. Hi, sorry for the long reply. I'll take your word for it regarding the bigger speaker 😄, Through all of the replies I think I will go with the RP-600M. Yes, the crown amplifier turns out to be such a good investment. 😆 Thanks for the input, I won't be cranking the volume to the max as it will ruin the speakers. What I'm wondering is which will sound better with the Yamaha's max output (55W), the RP-400M with 50W, the RP-500M with 75W or RP-600M with 100W. But with the statements : and I think I should go with quality speaker I could buy (RP-600M). From all the inputs from JohnA, Islander and BillyBob and I'm a newbie in audio space I will listen to the gurus 😁 Thank you so much guys for the input 😁
  3. I ended with Yamaha as I was replacing one very old amp (Technics SU-V550). I was looking for some device that can stream song from spotify without the needs of monitor / TV. I'm pretty much happy with the purchase though. 😁 The Yamaha doesn't really have a pre-out though, but it have aux out, which I believe I can pair it to an external amp and drive the speaker from there sometime in the future (correct me if I'm wrong that aux output is not actually a pre-out). It will only be a stereo setup on my bed room, which size is about 3M (W) x 4.8M (L) x 3.5M (H) or 9.8' (W) x 11.5' (L) x 13' (H). The first intention for buying this amp is actually for listening classical music for my pregnant wife, so in the following 3-4 years I probably won't be listening something with bass with this setup (baby and stuff). The manual says that it is 55W per channel for 8 ohm speaker. I was kind a hoping to get the mind blown feel as when I'm attaching the RP-8000f to the Crown. I don't really know which speakers that will get me those result. Is comparing a bookshelf speaker with a floorstanding speaker is not apple to apple? 🤔 I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia 😄
  4. Thanks for the welcome mate 😃 I've tried RP-500M with this amp and the Yamaha sure can drive it nicely, but then I assign those RP-500M as a surround speaker on my X3700H. So with the current amp (Yamaha WXA-50), I'm wondering with which speaker should I pair it with (RP-400M, another RP-500M or should I go with the RP-600M). I'm really wondering, will I achieve RP-400M's full potential instead of RP-600M or RP-500M (with this Yamaha amp). Do you mean, that depending on room size (if I have a small room size), If I buy an RP-600M I might get enough power with the Yamaha and will have better result than if I get an RP-400M? But it all depend on how I enjoy my music, for instance, if I usually listen to instrumental music on low volumes, I might be happy with the RP-600M? Honestly if I read the specs I'm more inclined to the RP-400M. But for future proof I'm safer if I get the RP-600M instead (the option for bi-amping and more bass and probably better tweeter too). How do you guys justify buying a pair of speakers? Is it from reviews or do you have a chance to hear those speaker demoed to you before you buy the speakers? In the city and country I lived in, I don't really have the opportunity to hear the sound quality of the speakers before buying it. So usually it's just like buying a cat in a bag.
  5. Thanks mate, I'm really new at this audio stuff. My mind was blown when I heard the RP-8000F through the Crown XLi-800. When it was connected directly to the X3700H, it already sounds very good. But when I connected it to the external amp, it's like I'm experiencing a new pair of speaker. That's why I'm wondering which speaker pair should I attach to the Yamaha WXA-50. 😃
  6. Hi Guys, So I bought a Yamaha WXA -50 Through the specs, it is stated that the Rated Output Power is 55W for 8 Ohms speaker. I'm considering buying a pair of speakers for it and was considering Klipsch Rp-400M, RP-500M, or RP-600M. As you know it is an 8-ohm speaker. The rated power is as follows: It is my understanding that the Yamaha WXA-50 will be able to drive any of those speaker to some degree. Can I ask your opinion on which of those speakers should I buy (without buying another amp)? Through the advertised rated output power (55W), if I don't add another external amplifier is it correct that I must choose the RP-400M (50W)? Since I won't be able to utilize the full potential of RP-500M (75W) or RP-600M (100W)? What is the difference if I pair an RP-600M with the Yamaha or RP-400M with the Yamaha? If I pair it with the Yamaha with RP-600M will it sound dampened? Or is the difference will just be in loudness, that the RP-400M will sound louder than RP-600M? It is my understanding with the correct amp the RP-600M will sound better than the RP-400M (Am I correct on this premise?) In another case: I own a Denon x3700h and used to directly use it to drive Klipsch RP-8000F as the front speaker. Recently I add an external amplifier (Crown XLi 800) to drive the RP-8000F. (I connect front pre-out from x3700h to Crown XLi 800) and it resulted in much richer sound for music listening. I was wondering if it was because the Crown emitted 200W per channel while the Denon X3700H only emitted only 105W per channel? The RP-8000F power handling is 150W. Hence, if my understanding is correct, the RP-400M should sound better than the RP-600M if I insisted on only using the amp on Yamaha WXA-50 (not adding an external amplifier). So based on this experience, should I invest in an external amp that matches the power rating of RP-600M and go with the RP-600M or should I buy the RP-400M and be happy with it? Should I bother with all these written specs and go directly to the highest budget speaker I can buy? I believe these numbers mean something and so far I haven't found a source that explains it. Thank you for your response. Cheers.
  7. 🤣 Thank you for your answer. I have bought the Yamaha and its doing great.
  8. Hi, I recently bought a pair of RP-500M and is currently connected to a very old Technics SU-V550. I plan to change the Technics Amplifier to a more modern amp and my main music source for this setup is Spotify. I'm wondering, could Yamaha WXA-50 drive the RP-500M? Here is why I'm wondering : The impedance for RP-500M is 8 ohm with power (cont/peak) is 75W/300W While on the website, for the Yamaha WXA-50 is 70W per channel (6 ohms) Does this Watt per Channel means that the Yamaha can't drive the Klipsch RP-500M to it's max potential ? Thank you
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