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  1. Hi Fero, I too am in process of upgrading my HT and going through much the same thought process as you are here, so maybe these ideas might help. My HT is 15x25 feet and is a 7.1.4 system with Atmos speakers installed in the ceiling. I had three Heresy's across the front wall of my HT but decided I wanted them moved behind the screen (much cleaner look). The screen rests on an exterior wall with 2x6 studs so I would have only been able to install narrow speakers that would fit in the 5 inch space between the studs. We recently had some renovation work done so I took the opportunity to have a 22 inch deep wall built out (see photos) that would allow me to put decent speakers behind the screen. I am just finishing it and am now in the process of selecting my anticipated/desired equipment that I will be looking to buy here shortly. I chose to use separates for the audio gear for the best sound quality. We enjoy watching BluRay/4K music concerts along with movies so sound quality is important. [***] denotes existing gear that will be staying. LCR Speakers: Klipsch RP series (ALWAYS use the same Center speaker as the L & R speakers) Subwoofers: Klipsch SPL-150 x 2 to give me a 7.2.4 system [***] Surround/Atmos Speakers: Triad Silver series Preprocessor - Anthem AVM70, $3.5K https://www.anthemav.com/index.php LCR Amplifier: Emotiva XPA-DR3 Three Channel Amp, $2K (450 watts/channel) https://emotiva.com/collections/amps/products/xpa-dr3 Surrounds Amplifier: Emotiva XPA-9 Nine Channel Amp, $2K (300/65 watts/channel) https://emotiva.com/collections/amps/products/xpa-9-gen3 Projector: True 4K, Sony VPL-VW715ES, $10K or the 915ES, $20K http://www.sonypremiumhome.com/projectors/ [***] Screen: Seymour AV Metro150, $3.5K, this is an acoustically transparent screen [***] BD/DVD player: Oppo 205, no longer available I currently use the Anthem MRX1120 ($3.5K) and it is an excellent 11.2 pre-amp with 11 channels of amplification. I also use an Epson 5040 projector ($3K) with the Seymour AV acoustic screen ($3K). The projector is a faux-K meaning it uses some magic to take a 1080p picture up to a 4K-like picture. The screen is the Metro 150 model (150 inches x 68 inches) which has a diagonal of 163 inches, so it is BIG. In three years of watching movies, we all think the picture is fantastic! Some last things: your room is almost 10 feet longer so make sure you put a 1 foot riser platform at the back. You might regret not doing this down the road. Oh, and acoustic panels. Do not forget those. And make sure your projector has lens shift capability to allow you to adjust the viewing size for different movie sizes (16/9, 2.35, 2.4, etc.) Hope this helps! I have more photos if wanted. Any questions pls ask.
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