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  1. I recently got a thrift store Promedia 2.1 v1 Sub, and v2 Control pod. So in order to connect the 6 pin DIN and the DB9 I've looked into what the pins carry. It seems like the DIN only carries LPod, RPod, Sub, -V, +V, and NC. The v2 Control pod I believe doesn't use all of the pins, or that some of the pins can be ommitted to allow for using it with the v1 Sub. Has anyone tried using a standard PS/2 to DB9 adapter, or knows where to find one that will tell you how they mapped the pins for the adapter? I'm hoping to be able to use that rather than having to go through a solder my own connections.
  2. I recently picked up a klipsch promedia 2.1 subwoofer at a thrift store. This sub is the older style with the PS/2 aka 6pin mini DIN, I also managed to snag a pair of promedia 2.1 satalite speakers. The issue is that the control pod with the 2.1 satallite speakers is v2 which uses a DB9 cable for the preamp input. I looked at the diagrams for the 2.1 system and I think the DB9 version doesn't actually use all 9 pins. I think I could use an adapter to connect the control pod to the sub, but I'm not 100% sure and don't want to fry my speakers. The pins seem to only use L Pod, R Pod, Sub, - V, +V, and NC. I could theoritcally wire and solder my own connections but I'd rather not do that. Would it be possible to use a DB9 to PS/2 adapter safely? I can't seem to find any adapters that show how they pair up the pins. Has anyone had any luck with this, or knows if it's even possible to use the v2 control pod with the v1 sub?
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