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  1. Thank you for the in-depth explanation. So in other words damage is highly unlikely unless I am playing at such unreasonably loud volumes. I think you're right in that I should just enjoy the speakers and not worry all too much about what 'could' happen.
  2. Man that link left me more confused that I already was haha. It seems nobody has a clear answer on if there is a low pass filter or not. So I am still up in the air over if <45 can potentially damage them. Hopefully there is a low pass filter. I am waiting to hear back from Klipsch support I will let you know what they say.
  3. Yeah I wish they specified that more but it makes sense if it 'blocks' the speaker from even trying to reproduce 45 and below. I will set my sub crossover starting at 50 and see how it goes. Might adjust from there. Thanks for your input man.
  4. So if all speakers can reproduce it, does that mean the frequency response is actually where they put the crossover limit at, aka where they guessed that it could handle down to without distortion or damage potential?
  5. Ah gotcha. Yeah I couldn't find any information specifically saying what the 600s do with those frequencies. You would like it would be listed as some type of filter, like under the specs it would say 45hz low pass filter or something. But you are pretty sure it has a filter that ignores anything below what it can produce?
  6. Well that doesn't make complete sense right? What if I had tower speakers with big woofers that were able to play say down to 30hz..surely I wouldn't just be losing all that bass potential of the towers if it wasn't sending anything less than 50hz. I think you may be right though that I needn't worry about it. Since they are on warranty for 5 years I am not too worried about damage but moreso is distortion common with lower frequencies. Ill have the sub in a few weeks and will be able to properly test. Hoping the 600s sound clear and nice even at loud volumes sending them full range.
  7. I can't find an answer on this so wanted to ask here. I got a pair of RP-600ms and they are rated down to 45hz. Since I can not set the crossover on my amp, what happens to all of the frequencies less than 45hz that will be sent to the 600s? Do I have to worry about this at high volumes? Ideally I would the sub handling all of these but my receiver sends full range regardless of if a sub is plugged in. Some had said that distortion and potential damage are reasons to set crossover(if able) to say 80hz. Since I can't do that, do I have anything to worry about? In the future if I get a receiver where I can set crossover, can I theoretically play them at higher volumes without distortion? Thank you.
  8. Hey Boomzilla, I know this thread is old but that is awesome you have two 15s. Has your setup changed at all or are you still using the 600s? I got the 600s with one 15" sub. The sub hasn't came in yet though. Unfortunately I can not set the crossover on my amp, only on my sub. I agree with your point that the 6.5" could hypothetically take a beating at high volumes with the lower frequencies. However, I wanted to ask what ended up working best for you? Have you found that the 600s have any issue if they are being forced to play down to 45-60hz like they are rated, especially at low volume?
  9. I paired my new RP-600Ms with a Yamaha S-501. So far I am super impressed and really enjoying them. Coming from a sound bar they are blowing me away how big the sound is and they are crystal clear. I have a sub coming in two weeks. I got the HSU 15" MK2. Monster sub I am super excited for. My issue is that with this amplifier, although it has a dedicated 'sub-out', there is no way to set crossover so the speakers are always getting full range. Ideally I would like my sub to be able to handle all of the lows up to say 80hz. However I think the 600s/sub will have to share the 45-80hz range since the 600s will be getting full frequencies. I have heard mixed opinions but some say I could damage the speaker playing loud volumes when they are being sent full frequencies. Does it really matter? I would assume these are designed to be turned up full range or not. I know 'ideally' I could set crossover and let the 600s focus on mids/highs, but in my scenario is it going to matter at all they they are playing full range at loud volumes? Also do the 600s have a filter on them where they 'ignore' a certain hz and below? Are the 600s going to be 'overworked' trying to play full range? Any chance of driver damage? Or do they try to play anything sent their way and are only successful 45 and above. I just don't want to damage the speakers. However, once the sub is in I definitely will be playing them at loud volumes. Can yall let me know your opinion on this? I don't really want to send the receiver back to get one with crossover setting unless I absolutely have to. Thank you!
  10. Went with the 501! Pretty stoked to hear everything just waiting for the sub.
  11. Thank you again. The RP-600s came in yesterday and the S-501 came in today. Crazy fast UPS shipping with Crutchfield they are on top of their game getting orders out. Gotta wait about 2 weeks till next check then can order the sub. Planning on the HSU VTF-15H MK2. One should be enough for now as the room is only 10x15x10. I will play with the sub crossover and dial it in just right. I think the 600s stop at 45 but that is wild to me I cant imagine only having the sub playing 45 and below. Ill do whatever sounds best but maybe the sub can play up to 60 or so like you said and they can share the 45-60 range. Also as a note: you have a really nice collection of sound equipment. Alot of money but at least you have good setups across the house. Nice job
  12. Thank you man. I think I decided on the 501 just for that reason if I end up getting bigger ones down the line like towers I would be set. Are you able to speak on my other comment question about the speaker crossover? It looks like I have no way to set the crossover for that amp. So will the 600s just be playing full range even though the sub could handle all the lower stuff? Ideally I think you want to allow your sub to solely play the lows so the 600s can 'focus' on the mids/highs...but will it matter do you think? The receiver has a dedicated sub out, but I dont know if having a sub plugged in lets the receiver know to only send mid/high signals to the 600s. Thoughts? Note: I did see that the sub out on the 501 as a low pass filter of 100hz, but I would assume that just controls what signals get sent to the sub, not what the amp is sending to 600s.
  13. Thanks for the help Bill. I have another concern that has come up in my research. As far as I understand there is no bass management or crossover handling with these 2 receivers. Since I am buying a sub, should I get a receiver that allows me to set crossover where the speakers arent wasting energy playing the low frequencies that the sub is taking care of? I can set the crossover on the sub, but as far as I know no way to set the crossover to where the Klipsch isn't playing the lower stuff. Or will it not really matter as long as I have plenty of power with amp?
  14. Hey Bill, Would I be able to save the 200 and get the A-S301? It is rated for 65/watts per channel but the folks over at crutchfield are saying I wouldn't notice any difference with the 501 since the 301 is more than enough power. Is that accurate? I would get the 501 if I will notice a good difference with the extra power.
  15. Hello! This is my first post! I have always loved Klipsch. I got the SB Icon 1 soundbar in college and it has been going strong for 8 years now. Simple product but really got me hooked on sound. Before that I had always just used sound from TV speakers. Sad times. Fast forward to now and I have just ordered a pair of RP-600Ms as well as a subwoofer. I am deciding between a Rhythmik 12, SVS PB-1000 Pro, or a HSU 15H-MK2. I would really like amplifier to have optical cord digital input for my Xbox if possible, as well as a dedicated subwoofer out port. Can someone please help me choose an amplifier? My budget is absolute max 600 if absolutely necessary to go that high, but I would really like to stay in the 250-500 range. So far I have considered : -Yamaha A-S301 : This amp is only $350 which would allow me extra budget for the subwoofer. Digital input as well. However it is only rated for 60 watts per channel. With the 600Ms being rated for 100W/channel, will this amp struggle? I don't blow my ears out but I really like listening to loud music with bass and loud movies. -Yamaha A-S501 : Same line as 301 but this one rated for 85/watts per channel. I kind of would rather have more than enough power. The goal is to maximize the potential of the 600s. I don't want to be missing out on any speaker potential if the amp is not strong enough. I know they are sensitive speakers, I just don't know enough about all the power requirements to make a good decision. -Cambridge AXR-85 : This one is $400, and is rated for 85/watts per channel. It doesn't have the digital input so I would have the added cost of getting a optical to analog converter. Someone did say it has way lower damping factor, and actually told me the Yamaha A-S301 is a much better and more powerful amp even though its rated at 60/watts/channel vs the cambridge 85/channel. These are the main 3 I have looked at but I am completely open to suggestions. My main thing is I want to completely maximize the potential of the RP-600ms. The optical digital input and subwoofer out would also be a huge plus. Would really like to stay below 500 but I can go above if someone who knows this stuff can tell me its truly going to make a difference with these speakers. Thank you for any help! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and help.
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