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  1. True, and I admit i'm kindof OCD about this stuff (especially for the price). But i suppose some minor issues like this should be expected considering the materials(wood) and the fact they are "hand made" (as opposed to machine made).
  2. I was just watching a review of the Cornwall IVs, and the reviewer mentioned that he had a couple of scratches on his speakers when he took them out of the box. They appear to be in pretty much the same location as on my Fortes. It's at the 12:55 mark in the review....
  3. @michaelwjones Thanks! No there is no “b stock” mentioned on the label or the box. @Racer X I was looking at the speaker(still waiting for the amp to come in), and i went to take the grill off, my fingernail touched the wood and it left a mark (which i managed to buff off). I didnt realize these things are so “soft”. Then i tried to buff off the marks in the picture above and it seems to be working, albeit slowly. I picked up a “Tibet Almond Stick”, and it has helped a lot. So i’m thinking i’ll be fine. The hassle of returning them and getting a new pair which could have similar issues or other issues, doesn't seem worth it right now. Thanks everyone, for your replies!
  4. I dont see any such label on the back of the speaker, just the one with the serial number, etc and there's no indication on that sticker that it is b-stock.
  5. Cheers. The dealer offered me a discount, and I only accepted after making sure they confirmed they were new and unopened. Not sure what 'B-stock' refers to but i assume items which were returned due to such defects? I've emailed pictures to the dealer. Lets see what they have to say.
  6. I unboxed my new Forte IVs yesterday, which i received from an authorized dealer. I was a little disappointed to see some small scratches on the veneer in the front of one of the speakers. Looking for suggesting on what I can/should do about it. Is this a common occurrence as i've heard the veneer is very soft? Cheers
  7. The item was described as "new", and shipped from an authorized Klipsch dealer. EDIT>Apologies for derailing this thread, i'll create a new thread for suggestions
  8. Just unboxed my new pair of Forte IVs (Walnut), and I noticed a couple of small scuffs on the front. I'm certain it didn't happen in shipping(boxes and packing-foam are not damaged), and I unboxed them myself, very carefully. A little disappointed, but it will be too much of a hassle to try and return them etc. Any suggestions? I've been looking up the touch-up pens (Varathane, Minwax, etc), but don't want to try anything and make it worse. It seems like a surface-level(veneer) issue (not scratches). I'll look into 'Trade Secret' as well. *sigh*
  9. Yup. Would like to use these things in the US & Australia(eventually) so 110-240V is a requirement.
  10. They are BTO options. (Can't change later if I need to)
  11. An update and a couple of follow up questions. I managed to get a demo of the Heresy IV & Forte IV. And ..... I think I shouldn't have had a listen to the Fortes, cause I ended up ordering a pair. The Heresys were great too, but they would have needed sub IMHO and while I do have a sub, i just wanted to keep it simple as space is at a premium. I've ordered a PSAudio Sprout 100, and i hope it is suitable/enough (I realize it does not have HDMI arc input). Being my first pair of passive speakers. I have a question about 4ohm vs 8ohm. The Fortes are listed as "8ohm compatible". The Sprout100 is rated as 100WPC @ 4ohm and 50WPC @ 8ohm. Is this something I need to be aware of when hooking everything up? ie do i need to set the Sprout100(or any amp) to output for 8ohm speakers explicitly? Or is this something which happens "automatically"? Does it even matter? The reason I ask, is because I don't want to damage the amp or speakers with incorrect power, etc. Cheers PS>>I would have liked to consider the "LEAK Stereo 130" or the "Decware Triode Amp", but alas they didn't support 100-240V power supplies (and they're way out of my price range ).
  12. I just came across the NAD 3045, which seems to match my initial requirements (HDMI-arc, intl' power, etc), they are a bit over budget, but oh well. https://nadelectronics.com/product/d-3045-hybrid-digital-dac-amplifier/ If anyone is interested, Steve Huff made a video about his HEeresyIVs and pairing them with the PS Audio Sprout 100.
  13. Cheers. Yeah its a bit of a tangent from what i initially wanted (HDMI-arc), but this one is compatible with 100-240v as well, which is a big plus for me. (And the remote isn't intimidating)
  14. PS Audio Sprout100: https://www.psaudio.com/products/sprout100-integrated-amplifier/
  15. Optical vs HDMI-arc. Considering my target use-case (2 or 2.1 stereo with the HeresyIVs (optional sub)), I guess the optical connection has sufficient bandwidth? If so, the only benefit of HDMI-arc would be using a single remote to control the volume and turning the amp on/off? Would those be fair conclusions? After searching for a couple of days, I haven't found an amp with an HDMI-arc input within my price range, so I'm wondering if I should just "settle" with using an optical connection and two remotes. I came across the "PS Audio Sprout 100", which has an optical-in, is within my price range and looks fairly simple (big plus for me). Would this amp suit the HeresyIVs? Cheers
  16. 1. No i doubt i’ll need dedicated bass/treble controls 2. I assume if audio is being fed in via HDMI or optical it will need a DAC 3. Not necessary, but “nice to have” 4. Not entirely sure what you mean by the last question. I’ll need to power a pair of HeresyIVs, and a sub. Thats it. @CWelsh Thanks. Is the “Bluesound” device a “receiver”? @billybob Thanks, will do. Yes I am in the US. I’d like these products to support 100-240v & 50-60Hz as i’d like to eventually take them back to Australia. Cheers
  17. Does anyone have any specific suggestions/recommendations? The only one i've come across is the "Sonos Amp". @ODS123 Thanks. I generally agree with you, and yeah, I was pretty overwhelmed after watching some video reviews on YouTube.
  18. @CWelsh I'd like to keep it under $700 if possible. I dont really need/want all the other bells & whistles, so dont want to pay for stuff i likely wont ever use with these stereo speakers (and optional sub).
  19. @jimjimbo 2.1. I hope to power the HeresyIVs, with the possibility for a sub. The inputs I would like are HDMI-eARC(like the Fives), Bluetooth and 3.5mm. My TV (LG CX) can pipe the audio out via HDMI-eARC or Optical (and 3.5mm, but id rather not have to resort to that). Cheers
  20. @billybob Thanks for the replies Honestly, I don't know how tube & solid-state compare to each other. Right now I'm just trying to narrow-down a few options that would fit in my puzzle relatively seamlessly (without breaking the bank). In my search i've come across AVRs (like Denon) and they seem to be ...... way more than what i need. Cheers
  21. I picked up The Fives with a sub almost a year ago, and i've been very impressed. I've been thinking about stepping up to the HeresyIVs, but i'm fairly ignorant about passive speakers. Currently, I have all my devices (PS5, etc) plugged into my TV (LG CX), and i'm feeding audio into my Fives via HDMI-eARC (I play music using this setup as well, and occasionally via BlueTooth). Right now, in my head I have a big "?" between my TV's HDMI-eARC output and the HeresyIVs. I guess the missing component is an "integrated amp". I I was wondering what product the community would recommend for the HereseyIVs? Cheers
  22. Thanks. Yes, i ended up turning down the 'gain' knob on the subwoofer. I suspect the issue is that when you turn on the speakers, it resets the sub volume to a level which corresponds to '0' in the app. So turning down the gain using the knob on the subwoofer itself seems to have 'fixed' the issue, and now i dont have to turn down the sub's volume on the speakers every time i turn them on. Beyond that 'issue', the update seems fine to me and seems to work as expected (Note: I primarily feed audio into the speakers over HDMI) Cheers
  23. I noticed the Fives turn off randomly(i haven’t timed the intervals) when piping audio into them over HDMI(eARC). I updated the firmware and app yesterday, and I just turned off “Auto Power” from the app. Hope that fixes the issue.
  24. My setup: I have the Fives connected to a Klipsch R-100SW subwoofer. Just updated my Fives successfully, and have updated the Klipsch Connect App on my iPhone. I restarted my speakers after the process. Have a couple of concerns/questions: -The volume slider in the app doesn't appear to change the volume on the speaker or the phone (while playing music via bluetooth from my phone to the Fives) UPDATE: This seems to work now -The app does not list the subwoofer I have connected to my Fives (Klipsch R-100SW). Subwoofer settings appear greyed out. UPDATE: This seems to work now -Not sure if "dynamic bass" is working (it is enabled in the app). The bass coming out of my sub seems much higher than before the update. (Just a guess, but it seems like the Fives are not taking the sub into account?) UPDATE: “dynamic bass” is enabled (the source LED flashed twice when long-pressing the “reset-sub” button on the remote. But the bass still seems a lot louder than it was before the update) -When I hit the 'reset sub volume' button on the remote, the volume level(for the sub) on the Fives LED lights appears to go to 4 out of 6 lights (which seems pretty high) Cheers
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