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  1. Got an email from Klipsch asking if 1) I had tried factory resetting my soundbar and 2) did I have ANOTHER TV to connect it to, to see if the problem(s) continue. I told them yes, I had factory reset the soundbar and there are tons of people with the same problems due to the flaky firmware. Don't try to blame my LG C1. [emoji848] And don't act like this is the first you've heard of these problems! Everyone in this thread has different TVs... but the same Klipsch soundbar problems. It's not the TVs. I love the sound when it works. I don't want to give it up. I just want to stop having to frequently power cycle the soundbar, then wait for a minute, then have to go through all my settings, OVER and OVER... "Frequently" being once or twice a day. ==== (Klipsch Product Support) Thank you for contacting Klipsch Product Support! Our sincerest apologies for the extremely delayed response. We've been experiencing substantial traffic increases. I would be more than happy to help troubleshoot and resolve your issue with the Cinema 1200. First, I would like to run through a few basic troubleshooting methods to see where the issue is before moving onto the next step! Have you tried to restore the sound bar back to factory settings? Do you have another TV that you can test the sound bar on to see if the same issue persists? Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  2. No such luck. Got home Monday night. Turned on cable box+ TV+ soundbar. On screen notice said "Klipsch is now available" or whatever the wording is. But it wasn't. No audio. No response from hardware remote. Turned everything off with TV remote, turned back on. "Klipsch is now available". Still no audio, no response from Klipsch hardware remote. Clicked on/off several times on the remote. Volume up and down. Hit the input buttons. NOTHING. Power cycled. BINGO. Audio back. Hardware remote works, etc. Opening the software app remote I then saw different volume settings than I really had. I adjusted them to match reality. To reiterate, the surround speakers were ALREADY on + 6 from the hardware remote, but the virtual remote showed something different. It also keeps saying my sub is not connected. The virtual remote has no clue. In days since, I've had to power cycle a couple more times because of no audio. === On a positive note, on the virtual remote, I do like having equalizer "Voice" mode enabled. It seems to complement the "Dialog" settings. But other than that I really have no use for the app remote. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  3. March 12, 2022: Checked version numbers my DSP was 4.4. MCU was fine. Wi-Fi version fine, but all the other speakers were lower versions. What I should have: MCU v99 > WIFI > DSP 4.9 > SUR T 82 > SUR R 82 > SUR L 82 > SUB T 03 > SUB R 06 > HDMI 43 Updating everything now via flash drive, and am on the last of three files (WiFi). I have my clock timer set for 20 minutes for this one. Because it looks like it's finished, but I know better -- due to everyone's experience. Klipsch even says to wait 10 - 20 minutes on this last one. Klipsch: Make sure drive is 8GB or less and formatted to FAT32 Preferably, use a USB 2.0 drive I'm actually using an old 1GB flash drive I had in a drawer. Freshly formatted to FAT32. The largest of the 3 update files is 150MB -- and you can only have one file on the flash drive at a time, going step by step through the three update stages (DSP, MCU, WIFI). So an "8GB" flash drive is overkill, but probably about the smallest you can buy easily nowadays? (Klipsch says 8GB or smaller, preferably USB 2.0.). Mine fits the requirements. === Follow-up #1: Everything has updated except for the surround speakers. They are still on version 80 instead of current version 82. All the other categories are correct. I'm running the last "WiFi" stage again, and this time I have moved my rear speakers within 5 ft of the soundbar. Normally they're about 20 - 25 ft. away, (11 ft behind my couch). I now see a progress count on the various speakers, whereas before I didn't. ====== Follow-up #2: Went and ran some errands. Came back after a couple hours. Everything is updated. Moved the rear surrounds back to where they belong, along the back wall. Equalizer is now visible in the Klipsch Connect app, which I re-installed. Set it for "Vocal" mode. <I'm keeping on Dialog +2, but with Equalizer in Vocal mode hopefully this will bridge the gap between the excellent but sometimes low Dialog +2 and the louder but sometimes "robotic sounding" Dialog +3. Re-set all my front, rear, surrounds to + 6 (due to the distance from my TV in front and back). Sub is on +2 Dialog is on +2 Standard mode. App still says Sub is not connected, while also correctly showing it's on +2. As I will never adjust the subs nor the other speakers from the app, I don't care. Let's hope all the gremlins are gone now.
  4. March 11, 2022: After yesterday's obviously botched OTA firmware auto update, suddenly my soundbar has gone crazy now. The audio keeps cutting in and out. Even after power cycling several times. I have factory reset through the app. Subwoofer still showing "not connected", even though it is obviously working. But now the soundbar volume keeps disappearing. Going silent as if I've muted. If I hit the remote volume button it comes back for a minute and then goes away again. Also my various surround/height speakers volume keeps being set back to zero or to two. So right now I am removing the Wi-Fi connection and leaving it disconnected. I do not want the app interacting or interfering with the soundbar whatsoever.
  5. All right. Here's a mystery. My soundbar seems to have updated its firmware itself. Besides taking the app update -- which I have always done -- the only difference was on a whim last night change the Klipsch from one home Wi-Fi access point to another. I actually changed it from a very strong signal Wi-Fi extender access point (in the same room) to moderately strong Wi-Fi router access point (in another room). This morning everything was still the same. But now this afternoon I find my firmware has updated and the soundbar was factory reset and "locked" until I power cycled. It was NOT that way this morning! ======== I come home today and my soundbar is on and at volume "35" with the LED display constantly on.... The TV was not on. Who turned on my soundbar? And changed the LED readout to constant? My wife wouldn't do either of that. (TV and soundbar both turn on/off with cable box remote. To turn on the soundbar by itself or mess with the LED readout mode you need the Klipsch remote, which she never touches.) I couldn't turn off the soundbar with the remote nor adjust the volume, even when I turned the TV on to send some audio to the soundbar. Volume was stuck on 35, with the LED constantly showing (which is not my normal mode). So, I power cycled it via the power strip and then the remote worked and I found EVERYTHING had been reset. All my settings: Sub volume, all the front and rear surrounds, etc. So I opened the Klipsch app, and sure enough now everything in there is active. Except I can't find the equalizer? App says this is the firmware version:1.0.151. Now I need to see if that's the latest. I admit I've not kept track since it never would auto-update. I readjusted all my preferences. +6 for the front, rear speakers and height speakers, +2 Dialog, + 2 Sub, Standard mode. One funny thing is the app says it can't find the sub. But the sub is connected and is thumping. And the app KNOWS the Sub is now back on +2-- even though it says it's "not detected". Whatever. After taking the screenshots below, I remembered to turn the LED back to "OFF". Now it only displays for a few seconds when I press a button on the remote, the way I like. Now where is this equalizer? [emoji848] It's not in "Channel Levels" nor anywhere else I can find. =========== ========== Sub "not detected" but yet it knows the volume level of the sub? OK... Don't care, I use the remote anyway for everything.
  6. No IP address shows up in my app. I have the current app version but it's dependent on firmware installed on the soundbar. I'm not updating my firmware to a newer version that borks remote control functions, as the newest Cinema 1200 firmware does. So, currently the only way to update firmware from "factory" on Cinema 1200 is to use a USB drive. And then that firmware (as of 01/20/2022) breaks remote control functionality for Dolby Atmos speakers. So there's no reason to "update" to that.
  7. Thanks, I'll read them. Having owned since August 2021 (I pre-ordered in July 2021 at pre-launch price point and received a month later), I was one of the first in the U.S. to get the Cinema 1200. Luckily I pre-ordered from preferred partner Audio Advice. They and Crutchfield were the only retailers for MONTHS to have any stock. There's a another forum I won't mention but you can probably guess, where there's a running Cinema 1200 thread going since August 2020 -- a full year before release. Discussing, anticipating, deciding... Then when actually released, more discussion and pictures. What kind of speaker stands are best, etc. As well as any problems, of course. Bottom line is, I love the sound. I love the power. I keep my 12" sub on +2. I plan on keeping my Klipsch Cinema 1200. But the intermittent issue with the no audio (especially the muting/un-muting bug) is irritating. I also should not have to use USB drive for a 45-minute session to update the firmware. But luckily while procrastinating doing that is when eager beavers started reporting the new firmware breaks the remote control functionality for rear Atmos speakers adjustment. The only reason I upgraded from my previous Sony 1000 watt 5.1 sound system (with wireless rear speakers) to this Klipsch 1200 watt 5.1.4 soundbar system (with all wireless speakers) was because of Dolby Atmos. (And this Klipsch was the only soundbar system with more power than my Sony system, not less.) So I'm certainly not going to install firmware which negates the only reason that I bought this. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  8. Current firmware update causes the hardware remote control to not work correctly. You can no longer control the rear height speakers with the remote control if you manually update your firmware. Confirmed by many owners in another forum. OTA updates don't work -- I've never received one -- so luckily I'm still on factory firmware from August 2021 (The one with no smartphone app EQ.) Everyone who has updated to newer firmware has done so via USB drive. I'm not manually updating with USB drive until it's all hashed out. The problems on the old firmware pale in comparison to the hardware remote control losing functionality. My Klipsch Cinema 1200 sounds fantastic. I love it. The only issues I have are: 1) occasionally when turning on the TV there will be no audio and I have to physically turn off electrical power, then turn back on. "Occasionally" means once or twice a month. 2) when muting for long periods of time -- because I need to take a phone call or do something else that requires my full attention -- when I then UNmute the soundbar there's no audio. The only fix is to physically turn off electricity to the sound bar, then restore. "Long periods of time" is an arbitrary number. 5 minutes? Don't know. Basically, the longer muted the greater chance there's no audio when un-muting. Something is obviously "timing out" and losing connection. The volume LEDs still go up and down, but there's no audio. For brief instances, I can mute and unmute without issue. This is a function that I use frequently. So it's very annoying, when I then have to get up from the couch and pull out the media console from the wall to find the soundbar power cord. == Nothing else, except a hard electrical power reset, will fix these two issues. Because I've tried everything else. Other people have complained about this too. So it's not that I alone have a faulty unit. Replacing the unit won't fix the issue. For the muting) un-muting in particular, it's obviously poor software coding. This shows me that in spite of the 18-month delay in releasing the soundbar and a name change ("Bar 54" at CES 2020 to Cinema 1200 August 2021), Klipsch seemingly did not extensively test it before releasing. I haven't heard that these "no audio" issues have been fixed with newer firmware. What I have heard is that the newer firmware breaks important remote control functionality. I have reported to Klipsch Support specifically the muting/un-muting problem.
  9. I LOVE my Klipsch Cinema 1200. I got mine for $1499 July pre-order price from Audio Advice and it arrived in early August. Fantastic audio! Can't say that enough. The horn loaded speakers project clear sound throughout my living room, which share open space with dining room, foyer and even kitchen area. I keep the sub on "+2", to have a strong presence. (Keep in mind, the one YouTube review which said the sub was "too powerful" was using pre-release firmware. That review is outdated, as far as the sub is concerned.) I really appreciate the Dialogue Clarity modes. I keep that on +2 (of 3) because too many directors like to emphasize music or explosions over what the actors are saying at critical plot moments. You can easily adjust every speaker, including the 4 Dolby Atmos height speakers through the remote control. The build quality is excellent. Wooden enclosures and love the choice of sound bar end caps. Everything is classy. With 1200 watts, this system has 5.1 surround sound equal or better to my previous 1,000 watt 5.1 Sony system, but with the addition of real Dolby Atmos front and rear speakers (not virtual). Thus 5.1.4. Also has two HDMI inputs besides the HDMI eArc. This isn't just a soundbar, it's a system which re-creates a theatrical experience. Soundbars systems like this are becoming the new audio/video receivers -- the junction of various equipment like TVs, gaming consoles, UHD Blu-ray players all connected. ==== The only quibble I have is a few times in the couple months I've owned this Klipsch Cinema 1200, I've had no audio after muting/un-muting related actions. I will often mute soundbar for several minutes for a phone call or something that needs my attention -- and then when un-muting, the LED display shows volume numbers like there's audio, but there's not. I have reported this intermittent issue to Klipsch, but putting it here in this public review may get faster action. Twice I have muted, and actually turned off the TV/soundbar because the other task was taking longer than I thought. Then when I turned back on the TV, the soundbar LED display showed volume numbers (no longer muted, allegedly). Which is also strange because I had muted, but not un-muted. But hitting volume up and down there's still no audio. When there's no audio like this, then hitting the mute button and un-muting does not fix the issue. Audio is still gone. The other 4 times (so far) were just simple muting, then unmuting a few minutes later. Did not involve turning off the TV while still muted. However, in all these instances turning offf the soundbar with the remote, turning it back on does not restore audio. Cycling through HDMI sources does not restore audio. ONLY actually turning off the electricity (power plug pull) and plugging back in makes the soundbar audio return. I've now installed a power strip behind the TV with only the soundbar plugged into it, so I can easily turn electrical power off and back on for when this happens. I do not want a replacement. I love my Klipsch Cinema 1200. I think a simple firmware update could solve this issue. Something with the muting function is timing out when muted for several minutes and only hard electrical power turn off/restoration brings back audio. Something is timing out. I think a firmware update would fix if if they focused on the muting commands. Just this morning (10/15/2021) I turned on the TV and soundbar and there was no audio. This is the first time it's happened without muting being involved. I turned off the power strip and turned back on. Audio restored. Just to make sure, I first turned off the soundbar with the Klipsch remote and turned back on, but that didn't do anything. Hard power off/on fixes it. Again, I really love this Klipsch Cinema 1200. The one intermittent problem can probably be fixed in the next firmware update.
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