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  1. Hi everyone, As you can see I'm a newbie to this forum. I'm situated in Leicestershire in the UK. My reason for joining is a couple of months ago I purchased a pair of CW 3's (2018) model, to replace my small Dali Epicon 2 standmount speakers. Wow! A big change in presentation/soundstage etc, which I am very happy with. My main source is a Linn Lp12 turntable using a Audio Origami PU7 tonearm with Dynavector Te Kiatora Rua 2 MC cart amplified via a Icon Audio PS3MK2 valve phono stage and Icon Audio Integrated 845pp valve amp. With regard to the Cornwalls, I've seen that the latest model 4 has the bottom vents modified with 'mumps' technology. My question is, is it possible to retro fit this technology to a Cornwall 3 ? Also would it be worth doing or are the two speaker technologies incompatible? Cheers Ady
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