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  1. I left these Type B crossovers in a hot car for a day and when I got back noticed these stains around the (transformers?). What happened and is it a problem? Thanks in advance for any help/advice?
  2. I have had these for about three months. I sold my LaScalas with the stock crossovers. No need for these any longer. Paid $815. $700 o.b.o. pics are too big to post here, but happy to send upon request.
  3. How would a set of these pair up with LaScalas? I only have one set of speaker outputs on my MA-252 integrated amp (and one mini sub output). Am I right in thinking I could wire them to the sub, then out to the LSs? If so, the crossover is set at 150hz, does that mean the sub will only send 150hz and up to the LSs, or does it send a full signal? If the latter, would be the effect of both playing between 50-150hz? Is the 100wpc (probably closer to 125wpc) of my Mac sufficient to drive these. They are very efficient, but that doesnt seem like much power for a sub. I do have a BGW 500d (200wpc) that I could use to drive the subs, but I don’t know how I could hook it all up.
  4. Schu - I am sorry - I have no idea what that means. Would you mind explaining?
  5. Schu - physical size. I just can’t do a giant sub (or two of them). Thought about the small Table Tubas as a base for the LaScallas, but I think it raises them 16” or so. That’s too much.
  6. I don’t want to make a weak link. I want bass output between maybe 30-50hz. I want it to be balanced with the lascalas output above that range. Size is a concern. Money really isn’t except I don’t want to pay for something that isn’t going to get me a return. I am really asking if a second sub is going to get me that return.
  7. Thanks all. The Table Tuna is way too big, the wife would not be happy. Jim, I do want to go a little deeper than the LaScalas go, but I am with you on avoiding the boominess. I am playing with placement of the B&W. Surprisingly, the best sound I have had yet is with the sub on top of the left LaScala. It is in more of a corner there and obviously decoupled from the floor. It is less boomy than when on the floor.
  8. Still getting used to my new (to me) 1988 LaScalas. I have a nice B&W ASW10CM powered sub. I have it in the setup to get an idea of what a sub can do with the LaScalas. If I notice a significant difference (I already do), I may eventually switch it out for two subs in stereo. Before I get there I want to make sure I have this sub set up as best I can. The B&W is a well-reviewed/regarded 500W 10" sealed sub. I have the low pass filter set at 50hz and the volume at ~50%. I know that for HT, placement of a sub is not very important. I currently have a 2.1 setup. I use it exclusively for music listening. I am thinking I want 2 subs in stereo to fill out the lower end where the LaScalas just don't go. I do know that bass is not as directional as higher frequencies, but I have also heard/read over the years that lower frequencies in stereo recordings are not different on each channel (or not significantly so). Has this been the experience of those of you who have tried 2 subs in stereo? If the stereo signal is not different beyond a certain level, I may not bother with 2 subs. If this is the case, around what level does the stereo signal become mono (or maybe not mono, but the same or almost the same)? If using 1 or 2 subs for this kind of setup, it would seem that placement of the sub(s) is more crucial than when using for HT, especially in stereo. Is this correct? Is placement at all significant in 2.1? Other relevant facts: - I am not a bass-heavy listener, I like to stay close to the way recordings were recorded. - I have tested my hearing recently and I can hear down to 20hz. - I also live in a townhouse and I don't want to be a bad neighbor. Luckily, the building is very well built and we never hear our neighbors and they say the same. - I am considering the recommended horn-loaded subs, but size is a concern. Because of these considerations, I don't want "killer bass" --- I just want to be able to hear what the artists and producers wanted me to hear. As the LaScala doesn't get low enough to render low bass info, I want to fill in the gap, I just don't want to over-emphasize it.
  9. I have one also if you need a pair. It was taken out of 1986 Forte IIs when one passive radiator went bad and previous owner installed a matched set from Klipsch.
  10. Are DeanG and Crankysoldermeister the same guy?
  11. If I did veneer, it would be reversible if anyone wanted to go back to birch.
  12. Dave - they are 1988 models. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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