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  1. I am a complete newbie on this forum and indeed HiFi listening. I had done a good bit of research on classic Klipsch speakers and decided that I wanted to get Belles or La Scalas (K-horns if I could swing it). I may have made a dubious choice in purchasing a pair of Belles that were for sale online and got scammed. After that, I decided if I was going to find quality people I should come here. To make a long story short, I have a fairly decent itch for some horn loaded speakers and was wondering if the Belles might still be available? Mr. Gil is someone I do not know, and I am certainly on the outside of this community being new, but I wish him and all who know him the best.
  2. Hello, Im trying to get into the Hi-Fi hobby and was looking for a set of Belle Speakers, do you know if the ones you mentioned are still available?
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