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  1. Do you have the schematics for Klipsch SPL120 subwoofer?
  2. My Klipsch SPL120 subwoofer generates hum too! I bought an isolation transformer. It didn’t remove the hum.
  3. Thank you. I always search the internet (Google, You Tube, etc.) before turning to this forum for answers. This forum is my last resort.
  4. My home theatre in our basement has 7.1 speaker setup. Sights and sounds are superb when watching movies. I could hear sounds coming from all 8 speakers, including the subwoofer. However, when I play music (phono, music CD, iPhone music via bluetooth, internet radio and FM radio) the sound system switches to stereo mode, and the subwoofer does not participate. How can I make the SPL120 subwoofer participate with the stereo sound? BTW, I have a Yamaha Stereo Network Receiver R-N303 setup in our master bedroom. The subwoofer works with the other two speakers.
  5. Can someone tell me what the power consumption is for the SPL120 subwoofer? Thank you.
  6. Roger T


    Can someone tell me what the power consumption is for 120-SL?
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