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  1. <?xml:namespace prefix = v />How do you paste a picture into the body of the e-mail? <?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
  2. My Klipschorns (that I bought used about 6 months ago) sound awesome! The problem is that someone ruined the wood. Their are black waterstains on the tops which are probably from potted plants that overflowed. The fronts are in decent shape. Although, there are some significant scratches. Also, the veneer between the tops and bottoms is chipped and flaking off. I tried sanding and restaining. However, this did not solve the problems at all. I think I need to reapply a new veneer. I found some interesting wood veneers on the web: http://www.oakwoodveneer.com/samples/samples3.html Has anyone ever done this or had someone do this (adhere a new veneer to their k-horns)? Thanks in advance for your reply...
  3. Since the Heresy is not shielded, I thought it may interfere with the picture. Also, it would block the view of our painting
  4. The cornwalls are downstairs in the Home Theater. The K-Horns are in the gameroom. I sit about 8 feet back, dead center. The Heresy's with the 2A3 (and the analogue front end) is a very sweeeeet sound.
  5. One more picture (with the Klipsc in view)...
  6. I thought I figured out how to insert a picture instead of attach...oh well. Check out the attachment...
  7. Wow! The ASL Orchid is awesome. I have it hooked up to the Heresy's now. I think I will try it with the K-Horns tomorrow. It is amazing how much volume and clarity you can get out of 3 watts! PWK was a genius.
  8. I got some K-Horns this week. The model number is KBWO and the serial number is 19X704. What does that mean? Rob
  9. Paul, I am going to stain them. I bought 'nice' plywood (if you can see in the picture). They corners should look almost as nice as the K-Horns (but not sound as good)! Rob
  10. Steve, Do you have yours in 'real' corners? Rob
  11. I had heard about bleaching from someone else too. Sounds a little scary though!
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