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  1. Thank you to all for the excellent feedback I will leave a post after I get them home safely! I deeply appreciate the input from you all!! Thanks again and I can't wait to get these home! I have Forte 2's and have had the chance to hear the ak6 at a showroom called Common Wave in LA, so I am pretty excited to have a pair of the Khorns in my home!!
  2. I will be acquiring a pair of Klipschorns (1977's) (actually a 1977 and a 1975) and I am very excited to own a pair. The drive will be long about 3.5 hours long. I want to do my best to have them secured in a proper manner. I have a full size Silverado pick up truck and I would like to know if I can put them in the bed of the truck? I will be using moving blankets and plastic movers wrap and some tie down straps to get them home. Should I take the tops off of them? I'm not sure what style cabinets these are and have seen the suggestions from various community members about taking the tops off using the wingnuts. Also, when transporting them, to take the grills off and wrap them separately and placing them in the cab of my truck as it is an extended cab truck. They are (1977's so I would like to mitigate taking them apart if at all possible.) I have heard suggestions to leave the tops on and wrap them up with blankets and plastic wrap, stand them up and strap them together as a single unit and then wrap more blankets and plastic wrap around them, secure them with tie down straps and I should be good? I will have an extra set of hands so the 2 of us should be capable of moving these ourselves. What are the best suggestions for this major transportation of these beautiful Khorns (1977s)? Thank you all in advance for your assistance and I really appreciate any input on this. I do have access to a small enclosed trailer as well, but gas prices as high as they are I am inclined to take my truck by itself. The trailer has no tie downs in the inside. would they be ok wrapped as a single unit like I described above? Please let me know what you think. Thanks again to all!! see photo of them below.
  3. I am travelling about 3.5 hours to pick them up and 3.5 hours back with a set of Khorns- I was wondering what the best way to transport and protect them is? I have a full size Silverado truck or should I bring my trailer to transport them? My truck has tie downs and I can strap them in with good moving blankets and plastic movers wrap, or should I put both the Khorns in the back of the trailer and use the blankets and movers plastic to wrap them and strap them together as one piece? I was thinking to wrap them together as one unit and use more blankets and plastic movers wrap around the whole thing? The down side is there are no tie downs in the back of the trailer. What should I do? Also, should I take the tops off (the wingnuts) or leave them on if I have the room to be able to do so?? Thank you in advance for your help!! - Ian
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