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  1. Hi guys, short update about ,what i have noted.i buyed a remote controll for the cinema 1200 from amazon.it is a aftermarket remote for 10.- $ it works well with the soundbar and it does like a normal remote should do.with my old remote ,every evening when i went to bed i switch of the system with the original remote,in the morning the bar was ON.i removed the batteries from the original and placed it the dresser.now when i wake up in the morning the bar is OFF and can be used normaly with the aftermarket remote.thats only what i have figured out but seems that the original remote effects the funktion of the bar,when its not in use! regards to u all
  2. Hi,is it true that klipsch uncontinues the support for the cinema soundbars?has someone infos?
  3. @KevinB Hi , today i updated my Surround Speakers on the Bar.All works fine.What i also did i,opened ports for the bar in my router ,and now i see my bar in the apple home app.Connected via airplay on my iphone,plays all music. Changed my HDMI connections as you described,also all good. Will test everything during the weekend.So guys try to play a little bit with all the updates given on the KLIPSCH site, step by step.Its sad that KLIPSCH cant provide a full working all-in-one update but for the 1st ,i think that way is also successfull. good luck
  4. On the Weekend i will try to open ports for the cinema on my router.may i can figure out where‘s the airplay problem.Keep you guys informed.cant understand that a high quality soundbar like the klipsch prodcts are not able to program the software that it works when they arrive at the customer.Other cheaper products working well.Also some japanese or chinese audio devices.And if they know about issues they fix it.
  5. One thing,cant find the cinema 1200 on my iphone airplay.tryed to stream music over airplay but theres no device listed on my airplay.The soundbar is connected on the same wifi.Can open the klipsch app ,control the soundbar and do modifications.any idea?will check on the weekend my router settings. To your answere about direct hdmi connection, i use a amazon fire tv cube 4k.will try to connect it also directly to the bar.let you know about it.
  6. Hi everybody.Im writing from Germany and im the proud owner of a Cinema 1200.In the past i used the German Manufacturer TEUFEL for Music and Movies and decided to try something new.Got my soundbar 2 days ago.Unboxed and connected everything.Bar was freezing,not connecting right,remote wasnt responding to adjust volume level.Read this topic and started with diving on the Klipsch Support site also in the forums.We dont have that much german forums or informations about klipsch products.Tryed a lot of things.And now im done with my adventure of updates and fixes.wanna share my experience with you guys.I follow the steps of the following link. https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/6733616086292-Cinema-1200-Updating-Older-Firmware I must say,all works fine.FOLLOW the steps shown in the description.I use my soundbar with a digital optical cable.NOT HDMI (have a philips 4k tv where the eARC has bugs,not possible to update the firmware right.) i know that i cant use the atmos feature over toslink.Later when we buy a new TV then i will try it again. so good luck with the updates.its simple.would be kind if i get some feedback about positive success.
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