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  1. I am trying to sell two 1987 khorns B style AK-2. They are 52" tall, 31" wide and 28" deep corner speakers with a walnut finish. They are working but may need a few wires replaced. Located in LaGrange, GA. Can not deliver, must be picked up. Asking for $4,000 for the pair. Serious offers please DM me.
  2. 1987 actually makes a lot more sense. I called Klipsch with the serial number and they told me they were custom made in 1979. I didn't have any other info to go on which is why I thought this forum might help. I would like to keep them but neither I nor anyone else related to my father has room for them. So yes, I am looking for a buyer for them.
  3. Thanks! I am pretty sure they are what my dad got for MY high school graduation so hoping he made a good investment.
  4. Looking for some input. I recently inherited two Klipsch corner speakers built in 1979. I am trying to determine value. They are 52" tall, 31" wide and 28" deep. The only information Klipsch could give me is that they were custom build in 1979 for my father. They are working. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. And apologies for the pictures - don't know what might be needed.
  5. I just inherited two Klipsch speakers and don’t have any room for them. According to Klipsch they were custom built in 1979. Tag on the back says they are KB-WO L/F. They are corner speakers 52” tall, 31 1/2” wide and 28” at deepest point. Any ideas?
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