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  1. When you say go high, how high do you think?
  2. Corner horn set inherited from my grandfather. As much as I hate giving them up, current circumstances require it! Currently located in South Georgia but moving very soon to middle Georgia. All original equipment. There are a couple aesthetic blemishes from being moved, water/drink marks on tops. WR finish. Nearly consecutive serial numbers (1 digit skipped). Asking $3000 OBO for set and willing to deliver within a reasonable distance from Macon, GA area.
  3. @billybob I’ve received a ton of great info but no asking price yet
  4. Unfortunately, I am thinking of parting ways as much as I don’t want to. I realize what I’m giving up but current circumstances have brought me to the point of giving them up.
  5. I thought they were consecutive but just realized they’re 1 number off. I’m currently located in South Georgia (US) on the coast. They mostly have water marks on the top from drinks and rubs on the corners. Also the speaker fabric looks like it should be replaced 😬
  6. This particular set came from my grandfather, so I have been fortunate enough to hear them. And though I don’t want to part ways, it must be done. I have noted the serial numbers are consecutive 😁 I do appreciate everyone’s input so far!
  7. Hi all! I inherited a pair of vintage klipschorn corner horns but don’t know a lot about them. While there do seem to be many resources out there, I’m not finding many for this particular model? I’ve noticed in my short research time that the font used in the stickers looks older than most. Looking for any and all technical info regarding these beauties. **EDIT** Also, if you have any input as to the potential value, it would be appreciated ** Thanks in advance!! 🙃
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