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  1. So I did a *pretty ugly* solder job on the resistor and so far so good! We’ll see if it holds up over time, but I can’t thank you all enough. This has been a bit of a saga, but I know a lot more now about speakers than when I started. My biggest stumble was that I bought a woofer thinking that was the problem. Anyone need one? Is it worth keeping “just in case” or would you sell it? It’s an original. Thanks again everyone!
  2. 😂. I’ve never soldered before, but somehow I do have a soldering gun and solder. Is this a tough one? Might just throw in the towel and get a new xo. I guess I have nothing to lose, tho! Thanks!
  3. When it was loose, tapping the board anywhere produced the crackle. Once I pushed it in, no crackle when the board was tapped. Is there a way to secure this and have it not loosen again?
  4. Hey 001, Thanks so much for the advise! I did what you said and was able to isolate the problem to the crossover. I attached a pic of the culprit. It was loose and I pushed it down onto the board and it became snug. I then tested it a couple of times and no crackle! Then I put everything back together and a couple of songs later, it came back. What is this piece of the crossover and is it repairable or should I just say screw it and buy a new XO for 30 bucks?
  5. Ok, that sounds like a plan. I have removed and put back the crossover to check the solder/connections but didn’t do any diagnostics on the sound when it was removed. I’ll give this a shot! Thanks.
  6. Sorry! I took the “good” tweeter and moved it to the cabinet that had the “bad” tweeter. Got the crackle. I suspect it is the wiring or the crossover itself. The “bad” tweeter went into the other cabinet and I got no crackle. So it can’t be the tweeter. So I think it follows the crossover.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I think faulty connections might be possible for sure. But wouldn’t the others be eliminated since I put the good tweeter in the bad cabinet and it reproduced the noise? Do the tweeters have voice coils? If those are only in the woofers, I disconnected that and all the crackle comes from the tweeters.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome and willingness to help me out! I will try to post some pics tomorrow. I talked via email with Michael Crites (at least I think that is his first name). He said that diaphragms usually either work or don’t and that it would be rare to get that buzzing from them. The thing is, I swapped the tweeters and only get the buzz when connected to the bad cabinet. It’s not the cabinet itself, which I have proven by testing the tweeter outside of it. It happens particularly on a song by tori Amos, “Your Cloud” so I use that to test. When it is turned up, it appears in the same parts of the song, but also happens on other random songs. Kind of a static electronic crackle. Maybe if I can get them wired correctly, I can eliminate that as a potential issue. Thanks again. I’ll get the pics up asap.
  9. Hey guys, Sorry to unearth this, but I am currently trying to get rid of a fuzzy sound in one of my tweeters. I just bought a set of 3.5's at a Goodwill for $100. I won't go all into it, but I really just need help with the wiring. They were both wired differently. To keep it brief, how do you wire these? The PCB has WW and TT and then two other wires coming off it. I assumed the WW were the positive and negative leads that go directly to the woofer, but one cabinet has the W negative running to the input! I was confused by this, but tried it. It works, but still getting the fuzzy cracking in my tweeter at higher volumes. I have no idea if the wiring could affect things like this, but I have tried almost everything else besides buying a new xo. Thanks for any help on how to get these wired correctly and any other advise is also welcomed. I removed the tweeter, swapped it, got a new woofer and even listened to the tweeter outside of the cabinet, so I know it's not the cabinet or the tweeter/woofer. Thanks again!
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