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    Small bookshelf system:
    Klipsch RB-5's
    Rotel RB-1050
    Rotel RSP-1066
    JVC 3 disc DVD
    1Mii B06Pro+

    Larger 2.1 setup:
    Rotel RB-981
    Rotel RC-972
    Denon DVD-1920
    AudioEngine B1

    HT setup:
    Sony Blu-Ray
    Yamaha HTR-5960
    Rotel RB-985 MK II

    Sitting idle at the moment:
    Academy's (2)
    KLF-C7 oak
    RB-51 pair
    KG-5.5 oak pair
    KG-4.5 oak pair
    KG-2.2 oak pair
    KG-2.2V (1) oak
    Paradigm Mini-monitor V6 (pair)
    Acurus A250
    Acurus 200x3
    Adcom 545 II

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  1. Working system. Adcom GTP-350 (pre-amp and tuner) and Adcom GFA-545 II (2-channel amp). Puts out 100WPC into 8 ohms. If you know Adcom you know how legendary this amp is. Willing to meet in a public place within 50 miles of Meridian, MS. Priced for quick sell. Too much gear forces sale. If listed it is available. No shipping. Price is $300.
  2. SV is excellent to deal with. No issues at all. Thanks again and great to meet you.
  3. Peredoz is excellent to deal with. Got the single Academy from him and paired it with another I had. Make an excellent large bookshelf 2.1 setup after putting Crites tweeters in them.
  4. I will take these as per our PM discussion. Look to pick up on the 16th.
  5. @peredoz, I might be coming back through the Dallas area on 12/16 and could be interested in this if you still have it then. Send me a PM to discuss if you like.
  6. Yes, please let us know if these are sold. I am interested and have a Reference set of speakers that we could work in a trade (RB-81, RB-51, RC-25, etc...). Been looking for an Oak set of KLF-30's for a bit to upgrade my fronts which are currently KG 5.5's.
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