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Found 2 results

  1. for the past 4 nights...not really trying to post pad; just bored.
  2. ***OLD Thread Topped*** 1980 La Scala (THANK YOU to Forum Member snailtrax!!!) Went over to his place, "Down in Louisiana, Louisiana - Land of Creole Sues, Patois, Mardi Gras and romantic blues", Sunday & picked these up, after a nice listen to these & other gear. Serial numbers check out to 1980. Previous owner had stained the original BR finish to a nice dark reddish brown, with clear lacquer and had installed Bob Crites Sonicaps on the Type AA Crossovers. Mid Horns are K-55V & Tweeter K-77M. Have NO plans to change or repair anything working properly, for now, or run them on Tube Amps I don't own, nor play records on a Turntable I lost in 1990 & am not looking for, please don't take offense; it took me somewhere around 30 years to get over the fact that they are butt ugly....but, this set has had some nice make-up, including a Factory Top Grille...wish it were full length (but my wife sez the cats would play hell with that) & CANE (yes, I understand CANE was not a factory option, but I won't get rid of the original). Haven't really cleaned them up or gently tightened screws, although they seem to be pretty clean, have both original SN labels intact. Have, however listened to the Shiite Moslem out of them & when I didn't have JURY Duty, as I did Monday, Tuesday & ALL DAY Wednesday, working them out, even to late & odd hours. They are being driven, by a Denon AVR-3312CI AVR, using Monster Cable from circa 1991, when I bought my original kg1 & Klipsch dealers were pushing this type wire (as was Klipsch, at least in the Owner's Manual, I still have mine) other gear in my sig-tag. I have listened to them with Dolby Pro Logic II Music (5 Heresy II), RW-12d & km-rsw, Direct, Pure Direct, MULTI CHANNEL STEREO, STEREO with and without SWs. Like them best in STEREO, 2.2 & take back all I ever said about 2 channel audio; at least until I get more La Scalas, Klipschorns &/or Belles. For movies, they are wonderful in all forms of Lossless, I hear details on movies I never heard, and the Heresy II Center, circa 2001, keeps up effortlessly (until I can replace it with a La Scala, or similar). Don't have many pics just yet, but will attempt to attach a few. Last 3 are from Bill BEFORE we loaded them in the trunk of my car. First 1 is while they were in my trunk. Have another but can't get it to post.
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