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Found 3 results

  1. An upgraded Klipsch 400 watt 4.1 system. Prone to failing at 3 known hot spots on the sub panel., I upgraded 2 areas with higher wattage resistors and mounted them up off the circuit boards for better air circulation along with 1 zener. After the upgrades, I see no reason why the panel shouldn't last for years and years now. The sub is powered by using a standard wall outlet. (Most all 4.1 systems sold on eBay are in need of the fix and upgrades) Advertised as a 400 total watt system with the sub at 160watts and each satellite at 60watts. 110dB SPL, 29Hz - 20kHz. As far as the Promedia 4.1 system goes, the sub panel has BASH amp circuity and is a hard hitter with dual 6 1/2" woofers which makes them very responsive versus one large woofer. The sub cabinet is ported. The entire system is THX certified (by George Lucas), a very clean sound overall. Out of production, it is now a classic system. The 4 satellite speakers have closed cabinets with 3" woofers and Klipsch 3/4" horn tweeters and are pretty much bullet proof (still used in Promedia 2.1 systems). The control pod has Volume, Bass and Surround knobs for adjustments along with a headphone output and an auxiliary input mini-jacks (1/8"/3.5mm). This pod controller has a mute button to manually shut off all speakers when using headphones. The system defaults to stereo output only from just the front speakers when the aux jack is engaged with only the volume control available. MP3 player, handhelds, laptops, phones can use the aux input jack or you can use the front female input lead, either way will work. This sub has (2) brand new 6 1/2" Klipsch factory sub woofers installed, sounds tight like you would expect (same woofer used in the still manufactured Promedia 2.1 systems). Speaker front leads are 9' 6" long, rear leads 19' 6" long, pod-to-sub connection 10' long and the pod controller is attached underneath to one of the satellites. The system is four channel but does not decode a surround signal, you need a sound card, USB unit, desktop computer, receiver, TV, etc., to do the decoding duties to output surround to the front and rear input mini-jacks. Or you can use a 'Y' to create two rights and two lefts in stereo for a fuller sound absent a surround signal source or use the system in a 2.1 mode. The clarity of this system (those Klipsch horn highs) add to the separation and staging besides a pounding sub (those BASH amp driven dual woofers) that is meant to be felt and will make you want to set aside your headphones but the headphone jack can drive those too. Leaving the speakers on while wearing your headphones and you will be able to actually feel the bass. Music, movies,TV, steaming all sound fantastic even at low levels. Called 'computer speakers' these will easily fill a bedroom with sound or a living room or rec room, two car garage, etc. Klipsch Promedia THX 4.1 system specs. Message me here for further details if interested and we can discuss it with photos. For the transaction, a standard PayPal invoice is best and affords both buyer and seller some protections. Free shipping (the sub by itself weighs 17+ lbs). Or maybe you only want the upgraded sub panel or panel and sub, this is possible.
  2. I busted open the 4 gang pot on my 15 year old promedia v2 400, unloaded half a can of contact cleaner, and could not fix the scratchy sound that also cuts in and out. I can only get 2 channels to play at once. Anyway, how do you measure the size of the pot? What size replacement do I need to find? The blue body is a hair under 15mm. It has 12 pins. Original specs = KIE b50k x4. If I need to solder wires, what kind of wires will I need? Could I possibly solder a 2-gang pot and wire it to the other 6 pin holes? (see 2nd pic)
  3. These two (2) speaker leads are 19 feet 6 inches long having molded mono angled 90 degree plugs on one end with standard male mini jack plugins (1/8"/3.5mm) and bare tinned wire on the other end. Fits older Klipsch Promedia 2.1 or 4.1 satellite speakers that takes angled mono plug on one end for inserting into the satellite speaker jack and bared tinned lead on the other end for connecting to the sub panel clips. Meant for the rear speakers of a Promedia 4.1 system to extend the reach and separate the rears further away but works fine if you need more reach than the stock 9' 6" Promedia 2.1 or 4.1 front speaker leads. These mono plugs and wires could work in other situations as needed. Technically considered ribbon 'rip' wire AWG 20 gauge, non-shielded, markings for left, right, positive and negative. Message me here if interested. Only a few available. $15 Free shipping. Invoiced via PayPal.
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