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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I'm new to the forum and happy to be a part of it! I have a pair of Klipsch KW-120 THX subwoofers without the amp. Is it worth buying the amp or should I sell them and buy a powered Sub. I currently have a Pb4000 pro and the THX ultra 2 series as my front stage. Anyone have experience with the THX subs? Or can I run them with another type amplifier? I may be interested in selling them if the price is right. Im in the Tampa bay area in Florida. Please let me know what you think.
  2. I am in the process of renovating my basement into a Theatre Room, I have all the wiring ran for a 7.2.4 set up. My local dealer is really pushing the THX Ultra 2 line, but I have no room for the centre channel (KL-650-THX). The kitted system comes with the following: Three KL-650-THX LCRs Dual KL-525-THX LCRs Dual KS-525-THX surrounds Dual KW-120-THX subwoofers KA-1000-THX subwoofer amplifier I really like the looks of these speakers, but first want some opinions on how I can make this all work. First off I have roughed in for 6.5'' in-ceiling (elevation) speakers for Atmos. I would like to know what the best timber match would be if I were to go with the THX Ultra 2 line-up, as I do not have room for the PRO-7502's. Also the Centre Channel poses a problem as my screen is approx 8'' out from the wall, so the KL-650-THX will not work as the in-ceiling recessed projector screen will hit it when down. (and its already fixed in this position, so moving it forward would be a nightmare. The projector screen will come down in from of a brick fireplace, so my thoughts were I could possibly go with the PRO-6504-THX and recess it into the bricks. So a few dilemmas here, any advise, input or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a few pictures.
  3. I have been working for the past year to piece together a 7.2 Ultra2 system. I am currently using 3x KL-525s as my fronts and KS-525s as me surrounds. I recently purchased a B&K 4430 from another forum member to match my 7250 and found a killer deal on 2x KL-650s. Until I find the 3rd KL-650 (it could be a while until I find one at a good price), would you guys recommend I use the 2x KL-650 as my L and R with one KL-525 as my center? Or would that produce too much of a missed matched sound? The other option would be to use the 650s as my side speakers until the 3rd is purchased and keep the 3x 525 up front. When I do finally get the 3rd 650, what should I do with the extra 525? Selling it is not something I would like to do, but I also do not want to store it. Would it make sense to do a 8.1? I appreciate your input.
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