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Found 4 results

  1. I have paired a NAD C298 stereo amp with my Forte IV speakers. The amp has an option for the gain -- either fixed or variable. The Forte IV's recommends a 100 watt amp . The NAD C298 runs 185 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Questions: Should I run fixed gain? (The gain is 28.6 db.) Or should I run a variable with a lower gain? If the latter, what should the gain be set at/how should I select the gain? I ask these questions because my prior speakers were powered Elac NAVIS, which had a gain option (low or high), and I always preferred the low setting. My fear is that if I set the gain TOO low I might risk clipping. But I also worry that 185 watts with a 28.5 db gain might be OVERPOWERING the speakers (and, at a minimum, introducing distortion). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I am powering my Klipsch Forte IV speakers with a NAD C298 stereo amplifier. Source unit is a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, connected to the amplifier with XLR balanced cables. My questions: Should I stick with the fixed gain setting on the amp (28.6 db gain)? Or should I use the variable gain (which allows me to reduce the gain) setting on the amp? If the latter, how do I select the "proper" gain? My prior speakers were Elac Navis bookshelves. They had a gain switch: high or low. I preferred the low setting. I was wondering if the Forte IV would likewise sound better with a lower gain setting.
  3. Hello, I'm planning for building a system for both home theater and music. To have better sound for music without influencing the home decor too much, here is my current plan for a 5.1.2 system: Left and Right: Klipsch Forte IV Center: PRO-180RPC LCR Rears: Not selected yet Atmos: Not selected yet Subwoofer: Not selected yet AVR: Marantz SR7015 And here are the questions I want to get your opinions: 1. I know PRO-180RPC LCR should be paired together as LCR, just wondering if anyone knows would it perform well with Forte IV? Since the L&R would be floor standing, would PRO-180RPC LCR sounds weird since it's in the ceiling? 2. For the rear speakers, I used to think about Pro-180RPC LCR as well. But I'm not sure if 45 degrees would be too much for my space? Would Klipsch CDT-5800-C or regular PRO-180RPC perform better? 3. For the Atmos, it's kind of similar, the 45 degrees may be too much for the atmos speakers, would Klipsch CDT-5800-C or regular PRO-180RPC perform better? 4. As for the sub, I'm thinking about GoldenEar SuperSub X, but if the in-wall or in-ceiling speaker like PRO-1000SW or PRO-800SW could perform similarly, I may prefer the in-wall or in-ceiling solution. Any suggestions? 5. For the AVR, I think all the speakers I'm looking at have high sensitivity, I think SR 7015 would definitely be enough for HT. But for the music, would it be worth having an amp for the Forte IV to get better sound? or just upgrade the AVR to Denon 6700h? I really appreciate your help in advance! I also attached my floor plan with the location of speakers I'm thinking now. EDIT Thanks for all the feedback! I would forget the in-ceiling center and rears. I would appreciate it if anyone can give me suggestions on: 1. Any recommendations on the center and rear speakers which would well pair with the Fortes? 2. If this is the case, would it be worth it for me to upgrade to a 5.1.4 system? 3. For the sub, would the in-ceiling or in-wall sub perform well?
  4. Spent a lot of time over the weekend dialing in the new speakers that replaced the forte IIIs. There is a difference between the two that I didn't anticipate. I had to reduce the output of the subs to about half of what they were running at before. Same system so I don't understand the change. Biggest change is in the treble sound; the raspiness of the IIIs with the violin is gone and the sound is much cleaner. Subs are crossed over at 80Hz, allowing the IVs to produce all but the lower range and they do a great job. I listen to mostly instrumental music and the speakers do well with guitar and piano. Very well balanced and nice soundstage. So far I am pleased and find the investment to be worthwhile. Frank
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