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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all! I just bought the RP-440WF speaker bundle and it works great! However.. I'm having issue with the HUB not turning on automatically with the TV, here is my setup - SETUP-> Vizio Smart TV -> Optical out to RP-HUB ---- CEC and ARC turned on within TV RP-HUB HDMI out -> Visio TV ----- CEC and ARC turned on within RP-HUB PS4 and other devices connected to the TV HDMI ISSUE-> Turning off the TV turns off the HUB = OK. Turning on the TV doesn't turn on the HUB automatically = PROBLEM. Can anyone help with configuration? Any ideas? FYI: The exact same setup works perfectly with my old Samsung Home Theater - TV power turns on/off the Receiver automatically. Please help!
  2. Hello all, I recently installed a 5.1 setup of the HD reference wireless series. While the sound is awesome, I am having some intermittent issues: 1)Occasionally one of the speakers loses connection, usually after coming back to the home theatre and powering on everything after being away for a while. The wireless hub OSD shows "uncommon setup detected" and then when I look one of the 6 speakers is disconnected. It always reconnects properly if I go through the setup process again, but it is annoying to have to do that so often. Is this a known issue. I have firmware v 1.5.12 which according to the site is the newest, released in 5/2016. 2)I am using optical audio out of my Sony Bravia XBRX930D series TV (2016), and have 3 sources I frequently use - DirecTV, the internal apps package for streaming with the TV (android TV/Netflix/amazon, etc), and a Playstation 4 Pro (2016 model). My TV is able to identify and pass through bitstream audio up to 5.1 for DD and DTS, and was able to do this with my old audio receiver. Sometimes, I notice the DD or DTS light not coming on on the HD wireless Hub, even though I know the source is outputting one of these formats, and the TV identifies the format properly. As a result I usually hear inferior sound or the surround channels are silent. It usually takes a few resets, or switching sources, of the hub, the TV, the PS4, etc. but I cant seem to find a reason why sometimes the audio source is not identified properly. Admittedly this may also be an issue with my TV but was wondering if anyone on the forums has experienced this issue with this TV. 3)I am trying to program my universal DirecTV remote to control the volume/mute on the HD wireless hub. I found an article on the Klipsch site stating there are 2 codes that work with my model (Remote RC65X/66X), however neither of them seem to work. Has anyone had luck controlling the HD wireless hub from those DirecTV remotes, and which codes were necessary to program to do that? Thank you Sincerely, Peter
  3. It's finally here. We are so proud to announce that Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless is available now from Klipsch.com and select retailers: http://www.klipsch.com/rp-hd-wireless I also posted a blog "10 Reasons To Get Reference Premiere HD Wireless" which not only gives you the value propositions of the product but should also give you an idea of how important this is to the team: http://www.klipsch.com/blog/ten-reasons-to-get-klipsch-reference-premiere-hd-wireless-speaker-system/ Some of you have probably heard me say this before, but all employees were given the demo of these speakers a couple months back and most came out saying that it was the best Klipsch demo they had ever heard. The Klipsch engineering team really outdid itself with this one. These aren't just great wireless speakers. These are great speakers PERIOD. If you have any questions technical or otherwise, please feel free to ask them and I'll do my best to get them all answered!
  4. Folks Need a little help if you don't mind. I've been used to a traditional a/v receiver with wired speaker setup and finally looking to simply away from this and go wireless. I'd also like to have at least 2 or 3 wireless speakers either inside or outside of the house. I really want the Klipsch HD Wireless 5.1 system, but it's a closed system. Ideally Klipsch figures out a way for it to be part of their whole home wireless, but they seem to be different networks. How should I best supplement that system to get the same audio sources (DVD, Cable) on all of my other wireless speakers, which are yet to be purchased? The only thing I can think of is using an output from my TV to feed into some other hub, ie Klipsch Gate or Sonos Connect. I was thinking of basically connecting to a Gate, but it only takes Analog 3.5mm input, which is just weird to me. I think Sonos Connect would accept traditional RCA inputs from my TV. Of course the Sonos Connect is $350 plus I would buy 2-3 wireless speakers at $200/300 a piece, ouch. And Sonos would be outside of the Klipsch family, which I've always like. Help!
  5. I just bought the HD wireless system yesterday. I have one quick question. So, after 2 hours of setting this up ( maybe I'm slow), I finally got the system to work. It would not recognize the right speaker until I made the right the left and the felt the right on the setting (very odd) But anyway I got it all going. My question is it's all sounding good BUT when I flip my smart tv settings to youtube app which is built into the tv the sound doesn't come on the HD wireless. it comes through the tv speakers. I went into the settings of the tv and set it to arc but that just does no sound or shuts the thing off all together and can't be turned back on unless I unplg the control center. This is all odd to me. all I want is all my sound to come through the HD wireless. be it tv, game, blur ray or apps on the tv itself. What am I doing wrong . thanks in advance. Vic
  6. Hello- looking to replace my Def Tech Studio W...missing true surround sound. A couple of Qs was hoping some folks could help me out with. - I love 4K content (even though there is not much of it. I have a UHD 4K blue ray, 4K Hopper 3 and a 4K Roku. Can I plug each into the control center and use the output to connect to the one 2.2 DCHP input on the TV for all 4k compatible sources? I believe the control center only has one 2.2 DCHP input, but do they all pass through 4k? How would you suggest using multiple 4k sources? - I also love play-fi with both of my def tech soundbars. Is a firmware update even possible to do this down the line with the control panel? If not, is the klipsch play-fi converter compatible through the 3.5m input? Will it turn on automatically like my def techs when I start playing from my phone? - Are different audio processing available possibly with a firmware update (DTS:X, atmos, etc) Thanks!
  7. If you (or your friends) are in the Dallas-area, please join us next Thursday for a fun event with Starpower and Coldcock Whiskey: https://www.facebook.com/events/294668467587689/ There will be FREE whiskey tastings, demos of the new Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless system AND you can meet C.J. Pierce from the band Drowning Pool! It is open to the public, so there should be a great turnout. Starpower has pretty sweet setup, so you should be able to do a proper test and judge HD Wireless for yourself. WHERE: Starpower | 15340 Dallas PKWY, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75248 WHEN: Thursday, June 23 | 6PM – 8PM
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