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Found 2 results

  1. I inherited these towers, and they are too much for my living room. I have basic generic information as follows: These speakers are awesome for home theater and all types of music, but especially with rock/modern music (with their 102db sensitivity). Feel free to read the reviews (links below). Their sound speaks for themselves. When Klipsch decided to sell their products in Best Buy's, their quality just dropped. You just can't find speakers like these any more (often referred to as “classic”), with their 2 huge 12" woofers. Minor rattle from one of the midrange horns. Likely attributed to glue issues which is fairly coming for Klipsch speakers of this age. See Klipsch.com for easy repair details. Comparable speakers sell new for over $5000 apiece. Don't miss this great value! Original manuals included. Bradenton, Florida. Price: $995/pr Specifications: Type: Floor standing bass Reflex, Two Rear-Firing Ports Frequency Response: 36 Hz - 20 kHz ± 3 dB Sensitivity: 102dB/w/m Impedance: 8 Ohms Nominal Power Handling: 200 Watts RMS, 800 Watts Peak Size: 46 1/2" H x 14" W x 17 1/4" D Weight: 92 Pounds Each Original MSRP: $1,800/Pair - [Recently similar pair found 'refurbished' on eBay at $1250] These do not need refurbishing! Color: Satin Black Reviews: 1. http://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_7_1/klipsch-klf-30-speakers-3-2000.html 2. "I have owned these speakers for several years and they are the mainstay of my dedicated Home Theater Room. I have found them to be among the best speakers I have ever heard. I have many brands of quality speakers including B&W, Def Techs, and a set of the original Advent speakers. These Klipsch produce quality sounds for both Movies and Music. I would put them up against most any speakers to which I have listened. They are smooth and give excellent performance in all frequency ranges. I listened to both the KLF 30's and KLF 20"s and decided on the 30's. If you get a chance to audition them I can almost predict you will buy them.": http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/klipsch/klf-30/prd_119937_1594crx.aspx
  2. Hi, tried searching the forums, but not having much luck. My speakers are almost 20 years old, I have KLF-30 fronts, KSF-C5 center and KSP-S6 rears. All driven by a Yamaha RX-Z9. I'm starting to look at new receivers to gain some of the new features from the past 10 years. As part of this, I started wondering about my speakers and how well they're matched up, and my gut says that my center isn't a good match. Given that the KLFs are almost 20 years old, is there a center in the current lineup that would be a great sonic match? Since I'll end up buying ATMOS speakers as part of the upgrade, I'm also open to changing my existing center/rears. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
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