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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I have a very weird issue where the sound just disappears after changing the TV source or just launching content on my Apple TV, for example. Let’s say I am playing on my PS5 and I want to switch over to my Apple TV source or any other source, and suddenly I don’t have any sound anymore. My audio format is set to Stereo/PCM on all devices, including my Samsung TV. When this happens, what I do is change the input on my speakers and then back to TV (I am using ARC), and after that, the sound just pops back suddenly. The Fives are on the latest firmware, have been factory reset multiple times, and have been tested with different HDMI and optical cables (this also happens when using OPT mode). I am not sure what to do; could it be that the internal amp is failing? The speakers are not even a year old. Here is some diagnostic information if it can help: Model Name: The Fives MAC Address: xxxxxx Serial Number: xxxxxx Model Number: 1067563 UUID: FA07104A-2B01-0000-0000-54B7E580ECD9 Current Input: TV Firmware Version: 1.6.9 Hardware Version: 02.00.01 MCU Firmware Version: 7.0.3 DSP Firmware Version: s.o. Bootloader Firmware Version: 01.00.01
  2. I recently got an RSB-6 sound bar for use in my bedroom. When I first connected it to my TCL 55" Roku TV it worked great and had good sound. I connected it via HDMI CEC using the ARC input on my TV. In order to get sound, the soundbar was set to it's HDMI input, this made sense. Once I was done setting it up, I powered the TV off which also powered the soundbar down. I powered the TV back on and the soundbar came on, then I turned the TV off again and the sound bar went off again. So far so good. The next time I turned the TV on was maybe 7-8 hours later. I powered my TV on, just as before my TV shut it's speakers off because it detected it was connected to the soundbar, however the sound bar didn't power on. When I tried to turn the sound bar on using the Klipsch remote, it still would not power on. I had to unplug the power adapter from the sound bar and plug it back in to get it to turn on. It seemed to work fine again after that. I could turn the sound bar on/off when I powered the TV on/off. However, if the soundbar sat in it's off state for too long, the only way to get it to power on again was to unplug it's power chord and plug it back in. I checked for a firmware update and found one. I updated the sound bar to the latest version. After doing so, I no longer got sound. This was puzzling until I switch the sound bars input to "TV" then I was able to get sound. So before the firmware update the sound bar had to be set to HDMI input and after the update it had to be set to TV input. Weird but whatever. So I did the same thing, waited many hours to see if it would power on after being off. It seemed to work fine for about 2 days, but now it's doing the same thing. Won't power on via the TV being powered on or the Klipsch remote. Power cycle only. Is there anything else I can do? Your help/advice is appreciated.
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