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Found 2 results

  1. Yes I'm still here asking crazy questions about topics that have been discussed. Problem is, your posts from 20 years ago don't have pictures. Braced one Tangent 500 to compare with stock and I am not happy at all. Less dynamics, and worst of all, less bass. Passive radiator isn't even close to as loud as stock, nor the woofer. So either bracing is all wrong or this technique does not hold water in this situation. I guarantee I did it wrong, so am willing to give it one more try. Pictures will be at the bottom, notice how I have braced them first of all. 1x2 oak, 2 runs front to back and 2 runs for sidewalls and "tied" all 4 pieces together with a bit of glue. Went just under the active woofer and above the passive rad. First picture I think clearly shows that maybe the brace is preventing the woofer from fully performing. I did the same on the bottom of the cab underneath the radiator. Same on top of cab but had to remove one brace from the side to side due to the squawker touching it. The foam you see is the stock foam that the t-500 comes with. From factory it is loose one on the left one on the right. A rectangle that extends from bottom of cab up to active sub. With the bracing, I cut a few slits in the foam so it could pass through the bracing. Not loose anymore, tight against the sides. A member from another forum wanted some pictures of what I did and for the heck of it removed the foam just to see. Certainly isn't any better. I planned to experiment with damping but refuse to go any further untill I can prove bracing is effective with these speakers. The stock speaker sounds beautiful compared to the braced cab, Bass is louder and sounds good (rock, hard rock, classic rock). Braced cab may have a tighter mid end, that's about it. Non braced mid is harsher up close but sounds fantastic from my couch. The cab vibrating with the music, to my ears, is coloring the sound well. So what did I do wrong? Or is bracing snake oil in this situation? Hope the people who have done this with a T-500 come forward with some information and preferably a picture so I can understand what to do. This is why I only did one so I have reference to the original and don't "convince" myself later that braced is better. Pics https://ibb.co/PDb0mPd https://ibb.co/GH5qJ9C https://ibb.co/YhFR3c2 https://ibb.co/xLKvCMm https://ibb.co/Mkp3GG1 https://ibb.co/zbTvgF1
  2. Was looking at selling some of my speakers and equipment but don't know what its worth below is a few items I have all have original remotes and packaging 2 each Klipsch Chorus II speakers mint condition 2 each Tangent 500 mint condition Yamaha NS-AC40X Center Channel Speaker stored in original box Onkyo Integra M-504 Amplifier still with original box dbx 1bx-d3 still with original box DBX SNR-1 Source noise reduction still with original box dbx TX-3MkII AM-FM TUNER still with original box Yamaha EQ-630 Graphic Equalizer still with original box Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver HTR-5250 still with original box dbx CX-3MkII CONTROL AMPLIFIER I think I can only see dbx CX-3 tape is on the box so I cant read the rest its also in its original box PIONEER PD T507 CD PLAYER DOUBLE DECK not in original box my son decided to use it for a school project
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