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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am planning to get Klipsch Reference Premiere, but could not choose which ones I am going to choose.Option 1:KLIPSCH RP-8000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-504C as centerKLIPSCH RP-600M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferOption 2:KLIPSCH RP-6000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-404C as centerKLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferI would save about $650, if I choose option 2. Option 3: KLIPSCH RP-600M as front speakers KLIPSCH RP-504C as center KLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwoofer I would save about $1165 if I choose option 3 over option 1. And I would save about $515 if I choose option 3 over option 2. I will use Denon AVR-X1500H as receiver. I will use speakers mostly for movies, 70% for movies30% for music I am not planning to listen very loud, since we have two kids on 3 years old and 5 years old.Room size is medium.Thanks,Miilu
  2. Hello everyone, I am considering placing a TCL 85C845 TV on top of my Klipsch RP-504C center speaker. The weight of this TV with its stand is approximately 99.4 lbs (45.1 kg). I am curious to know if the RP-504C can support this weight. I've searched online for relevant information but couldn't find a definitive answer. I would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences shared by members of this community. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi! So I have old AV123 speakers, the RS760 for LR and Bigfoot RSC200 for center. I have been meaning to move to black speakers so they dont stand out as much in my HT room when I am watching movies with my projector. I was considering the Emotiva T1+ or T2+ and the C2+ center but not certain things made me go back on those. So now the ones that are at the top of my list are Klipsch. Now as this is 100% HT, the center is my main thing to get first. For that reason I started looking at the RC64 but is very expensive. A local was selling a version 1 of it but not sure how good or bad that version is vs version 2 and 3. The other more affordable option is the RP-504C. I found a Youtube comparison but hard to judge things from a Youtube video. With the center, I would likely get the RP8000 speakers as they seem to be the best bang for buck. Anyone by any chance did a similar change from the Rockets to Klipsch? The Rockets were highly regarded specially the center so its always a concern for me to change to a new one but of course, time passes. Is the version one RC64 good vs a newer RP-504C? Will it match with the RP-8000? Those are some of my questions. Thanks!
  4. Hello All, I need to replace an old speaker system (12yrs+) in a dedicated home theater. I am considering purchasing the speakers below, but I am on a budget and want to make sure I get it right. left/right front channels - RP-600M Bookshelf Speakers Center Channel - RP-504C Center Channel Side Surround - RP-500SA Rear Surround - RP-500SA or R-41SA Front Elevation - RP-500SA Subwoofer - SPL-150 Subwoofer Amp: Denon AVR-X4700H Here are my questions: 1. I like the RP-504C for the center channel, but feel it may over power the RP-600M. Is that a correct assumption or will they be okay? 2. Due to stadium seating, I need to mount the RP-504C center channel above the screen. This speaker is heavy! Can anyone recommend a get mounting bracket? 3. This will be my first Dolby Atmos setup. There is a space of about 4 feet between the screen wall with the l/c/r spears and the first row of chairs. Should I place the front elevation speakers above the l/r channels or move them closer to the MLP? 4. The rear surround speakers are on a back wall and just above the head of the listeners. Should I go with the R-41SAs or stay consistent with the RP-500SAs?
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