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Found 2 results

  1. I have a PowerGate I have it connected to my computer via USB and I have a Gate with a audio technica LP 120 turntable attached to it. The issue I'm having is that depending on how I play music on PowerGate I get different max output volumes. ie. when playing audio from my computer via USB, I have to turn the PowerGate up to 100% and then turn the computer to to 75-80% to get a decent sound with the speakers. When I use the Gate and create a bridge and play a record it's the same way, I have to turn up the Gate to 100% and the PowerGate to 60-70% to get a decent sound with the speakers. However when I use the Klipsch Stream app and stream music from Amazon, Deezer or other I can't set the volume any higher than 25-30% and stay in the room because it's to loud. If I turn it up to the same 60-70% I wouldn't be able to be in the same room as the system because it would be overpowering. Why does the PowerGate have different levels for the different input sources? Is there a way to fix it or is there a setting I'm overlooking?
  2. Hello everyone - just got this awesome KBAR 48 with wireless sub delivered 3 days ago and setup immediately. Everything was fine during setup, all parts worked, and then I experienced a problem with the volume and controlling it. I submitted a ticket to support and tried to call for the past 3 days multiple times per day to only receive the same pre-recorded training message. Message of ticket below with details. Any insight or guidance on what to do to resolve or any other advice on getting a workaround, I'd be grateful. Excited to watch some movies and just waiting for the new TV to have it's new sound system! Thanks in advance! My best - Chris I just received this, set it all up and it's working properly less this one major issue which is preventing use of the product. Following the instructions in the manual for TV Remote Programming on pg 21, on step 5, i pressed the volume up 1x and then waited... nothing happens. So in tinkered and tried other combinations and eventually step 6 happened after pressing the TV button on the BAR 48 remote. Now whenever I press + on my TV remote, it goes from 0 volume to 100 without stopping 1 by 1. If i press volume down (-) on the TV remote (even without programming it...) it does the inverse... from 100 to 0 quickly 1 by 1 until the sound is off again. I cannot even use the BAR 48 remote to resolve the issue (as i REALLY want to use this product!), as when I press the BAR 48 remote the first volume LED ticks up, then right back down. Even when it's @ max volume in error, i cannot use the BAR 48 remote to lower it. It looks like the system believes the volume buttons are being pressed and held down, at least thats what the symptoms look like. I've tried programming it again using the same instructions - no luck. I've tried programming it with alternate instructions on the internet for Klipsch products - no luck. I've updated the firmware to the latest version possible as of today (7/8/20) - no luck. I've tried factory reset (hold the 2 buttons for 10secs) - no luck. I've tried calling the number for support - no luck (coincidentally its a maintenance window at 1:30pm CST on a Wednesday business day). I believe I'm out of options and REALLY need your help to get this seemingly deafening (when it's on 100 for a second...) fantastic product to function. Thanks in advance. My best, Chris Additional notes: The subwoofer buttons are perfectly functional, they increment by +1 and -1 properly. They remain at the level set and dont escalate up to MAX or MIN. The two volume buttons on the sound bar itself exhibit the same function as the BAR 48 controller notes in original email (up or down 1 quickly then whatever the root cause is sets the volume back to 0).
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