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Not enough gain on RW-10


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I have an earlier RW-10 sub and the gain on its line-in input is a lot less than that of a newer RW-10 I recently tried.

For instance, I can set the volume knob on the sub to max and it still won't keep up with my RB-61's. On the newer RW-10, I only have to set it 1/3 of the way and it's already matched with the speakers (measured using a mic and RTA). The line-in on the sub amp and speaker amp are both fed by the same output on my preamplifier.

Preamp line out 1 - > Speaker Amplifier

Preamp line out 2 -> Sub Line-in

Is there a way to boost the gain on the line-in input? There's no problem with the sub. If I turn the preamp volume up the sub gets loud enough but consequently the speakers play even louder.


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