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KLF 30 tehnical problems


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Hey everyone-

I have a pair of KLF 30s. The left speaker has no sound coming from the top tweeter, and the mid tweeter sounds staticy. Anyone have any suggestions before I pay a Pro. The back of the speaker has fallen off a couple of times- perhaps there is a connection issue? Thanks for your help


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Well, I daresay, yes. The back falling off could have a lot to do with it.

There have been reports of glue failures in speakers of that general family.

The wires connecting to the drivers are push on type connectors, generally. So anything that causes tension on the wire could pull off the connection.

I'm not totally sure about KLF. In many of these speakers there is a printed circuit board just behind the the input terminals. The wires to the drivers originate from there. Therefore, if the back falls off it will almost certainly pull on the wires.

What to do?

One issue is to how to gain access to the interior. You'll probably have to unscrew at least the lower woofer and look around. Then perhaphs the other woofer and the horns. Then push out the loose back panel and reglue it.

My hope is that the tweeter and mid failures are just wiring issues.

Others will come in on this I'm sure. My guess is that a professional is going to charge you more than you want to spend. Therefore it is a DIY project.

Wm McD

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I hesitate to give difinitive device on the gluing situation. Mostly because I have not done work on a close problem and I'm not there to take a look at yours.

It is necessary to get an air tight seal to make the back chamber, that is the box, work from an acoustic point of view. Also, if any part of bass box is loose, it will vibrate. This can be very annoying when the music hits the resonant frequency. Which you probably have experienced.

The goal would be to take off the back and sand off the broken glue joints. Then apply new glue. I use Titebond II, water based glue on projects. HD has it of course It will fill a gap up to about 1/16th inch (it may take a day to solidify) and clean up is easy. Other construction types could be used like Liquid Nails (careful, there are many types -- some simple white glue). RTV type bathtub caulk is stong enough but messy to clean up. Gorilla glue is very sticky and foams to fills gaps. I only use it on special projects.

The fact that the crossover and terminal cup are attached is an issue. I'm thinking you see the problem. We'd like to find a way to just dribble in some goo without taking everything apart.

In any event. As you do your work, please take some pictures and make notes -- then post them. This site is a community and we love to pool knowledge (sometimes ignorance). You can become our pioneer expert on making this sort of repair.

Wm McD

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some of the MDF used on the KLF series had a glossy finish to it, which did not accept the glue used in the factory too well. William is correct, a complete cleaning of old glue and roughening the surface is the answer. Klipsch recommends using something like Liquid Nails panel adhesive (not too thin, not too thick) or equivalent to reconnect the panels.


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