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Voice Coil rubs on my Khorn woofer. Repair or replace?


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My Khorns are about 1965, therefore about 45 years old. Woofers are labeled Klipsch K33J, therefore I believe these to be manufactured by Jensen. The voice coil is rubbing on one woofer. Is there a value to have this repaired? Do these old alnico woofers have any special value due to their age? Thanks,

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Are they labeled "P15LL" on the outer edge of the frames?

They have excellent sound, they're valuable (I've seen them sell for over $300 each in nice condition), and can be reconed at a very reasonable price. The last ones I had done about a year ago cost me about $60 each including shipping back. I used http://www.circuitshop.com/ for my repairs I don't do myself.

I recommend them highly. Always excellent work, products, and service.

Tell 'em "HarryO" in Indianapolis says "HI"

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I don't know anyone in your area that does them.

I'm sure someone will chime in with a good shop to use.

You can search the net for "pot luck" service. Re-cones are fairly easy on the P15 frame and it's something that can easily be done with close detail to instructions if you can find the cone kit in your area.

Shipping from the US shouldn't be bad if you use the Postal service. DO NOT use UPS or FEDEX across the border or you might be in for a shock with the hidden charges.

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