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Crossover mod to Forte ll possible?

moray james

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I just got a set of Forte ll and am looking at my upgrade options. From reading at the forum it seems that aftermarket titanium tweeter diaphragms are popular. The BEC diaphragms seem to be well regarded but dropping them into a stock xover seems to result in more extension in both directions. While this is supposed to help the tweeter it also results in a bump to the top end of the midrange output when dropped into a stock crossover (the titanium diaphragm has a wider bandwidth than the stock diaphragm) which is not required, So since I have been told that the Forte ll have phenolic diaphragms in both mid and tweeter horns and since I have a bit of a soft spot for phenolic diaphragms I am wondering if a simple lift circuit could be added to the stock Forte ll tweeter crossover section to extend its usable response. I have little to no experience with xover design so I am wondering if anybody here with expertise has done this or would know how? Does this seem like a logical approach and a good alternative to switching to titanium diaphragms.? Any discussion and ideas or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks Moray James.

PS I have the crossover schematic for the Forte ll but have no idea on how to attach it to this post.

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I have decided that I don't think that I will play with the crossover myself. I think I will look into an after market version. So that taken care of I am still interested to know if anybody has T/S data for the Forte ll woofer and info on the passive . Then I am also interested if anybody has experimented with time aligning the horn diaphragms with the woofer voice coil. Obviously this precludes using the stock cabinet. Anyone tried this and did you have sucess?

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