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Klipsch Forte II upgrade w/ Bi-Wire


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I'm going a bit crazy of late. I've been upgrading and modding my old gear and discovering one project leads to another.

After reading some reviews I decided to upgrade my Klipsch Forte IIs. I purchased the them back in 1991 and was thinking of recapping them until I came across Bob Crites' web site. I decided to upgrade the crossovers and replace the Tweeter diapghrams w/ Crites Titanium diaphragms.

As part of the project, I decided to add a Bi-Wire option. Bob Crites was happy to go along with the idea. This was the first Bi-Wire Forte II he did.

The project went smoother than I expected and I'm very happy with the results. The speaker sounded good before the upgrade but I think they sound clearer and more open now.

Removal of the Passive Radiator lets you access the Woofer and Mid Range speaker connectors.



Here's the Crites Crossover the Hi and Lo connections are at the opposite sides of the connector strip.



The old crossover is on the rear of the connector plate and removes easily


You have to remove the Tweeter to get to the connections anyway, so replacing the Tweeter diaphragm is a snap and takest about 10 minutes. here's a pic of the disassembled tweeter.


Here are the 2 diaphrams side by side, the old one on the left.


Finally, I added to new speaker connectors to the rear connector plate. There is plenty of room. I picked up some binding posts from Radio Shack (actually disassembled a rear panel they sell).


And the final connections.


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