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  1. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Enjoy. I still use the TD-160C I bought in 1976, a splurge at $230 (+$60 for a Shure V15-III) back then while I was in school. If you want to make some minor mods: 1-Get rid of the fiberboard bottom and replace it with 3/4" plywood 2- Put some Dynamat (or similar material) on the inside of the base 3- Consider changing the small rubber feet to ones that will give better isolation.
  2. Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel

    That's an interesting thought, and certainly worth considering. Not sure that I have the courage to take on the wife over the decorating
  3. Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel

    I'm currently using a surface mount M-L SLM speaker for the center and I am having a problem with it getting lost when used for A/V. I had a similar problem, with the M-L Edge speakers which are now R&L Effects speakers, being replaced by Klipsch Heresy1 rebuilds If you're curious he's the system.
  4. I'm thinking of switching my center channel to the Klipsch 440C I have no place to audition them locally. Can anyone offer an opinion?
  5. What's the Difference??

    I've had a pair of Forte IIs since 1989. About 5 yrs ago I changed out the X-overs and tweeter diaphragms. these speakers will outlive me. The Fortes are a great speaker. If the choice was mine, assuming that the cabinets are in decent shape, I'd go for the Fortes for $450 and the next day I'd call Crites and get the parts needed to upgrade. These will be a great sounding pair for under $1000
  6. If you're sure it is not the amp, I'll assume you did the typical R-L swaps. Then you'd have to dig into the speaker itself. My guess is the x-over has gone bad. The easiest way to access the drivers and x-over is by removing the passive radiator on the back of the Forte. Check the drivers, voice coil etc. make sure nothing has come loose. Crites Speakers should be able to supply you with updated x-overs and any other parts you need. It's also a nice idea to install his titanium tweeter diaphragms. The video of my Fortes may prove helpful.
  7. inherited some stuff.. please enlighten me

    The PreAmp is a Dynaco PAS-3. This is still a highly regarded and sought after preamp. These were put out by Dynaco in Philidelphia in the late 50's early '60s You can find the schematics on-line along with the manuals usually for free. It has also been used for numerous upgrades and modifications. Tubes4Hifi makes updated kits and boards for this: http://tubes4hifi.com/
  8. It's hard to believe that a forum member would do this but I was made an offer by Forum member, made the payment and that was the last I heard from him. He hasn't responded to messages or emails. I say it is hard to believe because the guy took me for all of $10. I was looking for some Klipsch Emblems and he offered me them for the price of postage. I gave him a bit extra. He appeared to have a good rep on the forum but it is well over a month and he's not responding. I will not post the name here, but I will release it to a moderator and he can post it if he wishes. the $10 won't break me. I'm posting this as a warning, that despite there usually being a camaraderie on a Forum you still have to be careful.
  9. Set Speakers to small or big?

    The auto calibration seems to do well for calibrating distances but it does not adjust for Speaker Freq response limitations. I recently encountered this with some ML Edge in-walls, The bass was causing the woofers to bottom out. I was able to solve the problem by checking the speaker response and adjusting the Yamaha crossover points.
  10. Cheapest way is solder
  11. You mean there were 2 of these idiots out there? This guy Rossi appears to think that anything he doesn't like is crap. He has no respect for many of the classic designs or their creators who were the pioneers of audio. He doesn't like Klipsch (harsher on some than others), Bose (thinks 901s among others are crap), and makes similar comments on Sonos. But at no point does he present his bona fides. He also claims to be a custom speaker maker. I would seriously question his abilities considering how little respect he has for some of the classic designs and the audio pioneers who designed them. He doesn't like Sonos, Bose, Klipsch among others.But aside from them not being to his liking he really gives no other reason why they should be disliked.
  12. Here's the video you were trying to post. I've seen a couple he's done and by and large, he doesn't know half of what he thinks he does. one of his comments was the speaker doesn't reproduce to 26Khz, he mentions no reason why since the ear can't hear that frequency. His other videos aren't much better. Finally, he appears to have little respect for anything he disagrees with
  13. Need new AVR

  14. Need new AVR

    If you're still considering the Yamaha RX-A 860, I just spotted a couple of refurbs on NewEgg.com for $695
  15. Need new AVR

    I had to laugh as I read you comment (I do not mean this as an insult). How things have changed. The old rule of thumb used to be put your money in the speakers, you'll be replacing the electronics.