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  1. Thanks, it's reassuring to know someone else has experienced this issue. As I get older (66), I also have to question my hearing being an issue.
  2. I recently replaced the ML SLM wall mount Center Channel speaker with a Klipsch RP450C in my system. The change was a major improvement in the sound field of the system. I reset the speakers manually and did not use the Yamaha YPAO. I set the receiver crossovers to those specified in the speaker manuals and then adjusted the volume levels using an SPL App on my phone. The results were a significant improvement over the previous setup. I have been happy with the results. BUT, I've noticed on some (not all) surround sound videos (streaming) the voices, specifically, the male voices will sound "grainy" or sort of like old turntable rumble. Sorry, hard to describe but so far that's the best I can come up with. The issue does not happen with all videos 1- I guess it is possible that the problem is more related to the recording then the system. 2- The 450C is a ported, could the port be part of this issue? 3- The 450C is placed 9" from the wall. I currently have a rag stuffed in the port to see if blocking the port will make a difference. So far the sound is still good but I'm not sure yet if it is affecting the problem. Has anyone closed off the port on the 450C? Has anyone lined the interior of the cabinet with Dynamat? Any other ideas?
  3. Help with the finer points of setup

    Do it manually, you're going to have to tweak it anyway. Check the speaker manual and set the receiver low pass filters accordingly. Download an SPL app to your phone, I'm using VU Meter 1.4. Then you can use your phone to set the desired speaker levels.
  4. So far I'm liking the difference. The setup went smoothly. It's so much fun going through the receiver menus looking for the crossover settings etc. I used an SPL phone app to set the speaker volume level. And now I'm making minor adjustments in speaker positions
  5. So far the system sounds much improved and I'm happy with it. A 3rd Heresy would have been too big for the area.
  6. I might try that, but with an 18' ceiling reflections from the center channel don't matter much. I would also think that the port in the back benefits from the wall behind the speaker
  7. A few months back I posted that I was not happy with the center channel in my system, I was using a Martin-Logan SLM as my center channel. The SLM is a surface mount and it has short throw drivers and it was hard to balance in the system. I was not happy with the system. I looked at other center speakers and have always had a preference for Klipsch. I asked on the forum for opinions on the 440 and I was steered to the RP-450C instead. I found a factory recertified 450C on Amazon for an attractive price and it arrived today. This is a major improvement over the SLM. I thought a center with a box enclosure would be better and apparently, I was correct. I still have some balancing to do, but I'm liking it. The System Yamaha Receiver - RX-A860 R&L Speakers - Klipsch Heresy 1 - total rebuild with all new drivers and X-over R&L effects/presence - Martin Logan Edge The system just underwent a major improvement and sounds real sweet in either A/V or music The Klipsch R:P-450C and it was hard to balance in the system Rebuilt Heresy 1 RP-450C with the M-L Edges
  8. Tube Amp for newbie

    You'll love it. last year I picked up an old ST-70 for my kid. I ended up having Bob's tech update the unit and my kid loves it. The PAT-4 should work well with it, I have one I modified sitting in the back I took it out of service when the I started using the HK-500A (integrated amp)
  9. Tube Amp for newbie

    I picked up a Harmon Kardon A-500 integrated tube amp 2yrs ago on E-Bay for $400. I think you can still find them for that price on E-bay. It sounded sweet on arrival but I did replace the filter and ps caps as a precaution. I plan on more updates to parts but have felt no real push to replace parts.
  10. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Enjoy. I still use the TD-160C I bought in 1976, a splurge at $230 (+$60 for a Shure V15-III) back then while I was in school. If you want to make some minor mods: 1-Get rid of the fiberboard bottom and replace it with 3/4" plywood 2- Put some Dynamat (or similar material) on the inside of the base 3- Consider changing the small rubber feet to ones that will give better isolation.
  11. Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel

    That's an interesting thought, and certainly worth considering. Not sure that I have the courage to take on the wife over the decorating
  12. Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel

    I'm currently using a surface mount M-L SLM speaker for the center and I am having a problem with it getting lost when used for A/V. I had a similar problem, with the M-L Edge speakers which are now R&L Effects speakers, being replaced by Klipsch Heresy1 rebuilds If you're curious he's the system.
  13. I'm thinking of switching my center channel to the Klipsch 440C I have no place to audition them locally. Can anyone offer an opinion?
  14. What's the Difference??

    I've had a pair of Forte IIs since 1989. About 5 yrs ago I changed out the X-overs and tweeter diaphragms. these speakers will outlive me. The Fortes are a great speaker. If the choice was mine, assuming that the cabinets are in decent shape, I'd go for the Fortes for $450 and the next day I'd call Crites and get the parts needed to upgrade. These will be a great sounding pair for under $1000
  15. If you're sure it is not the amp, I'll assume you did the typical R-L swaps. Then you'd have to dig into the speaker itself. My guess is the x-over has gone bad. The easiest way to access the drivers and x-over is by removing the passive radiator on the back of the Forte. Check the drivers, voice coil etc. make sure nothing has come loose. Crites Speakers should be able to supply you with updated x-overs and any other parts you need. It's also a nice idea to install his titanium tweeter diaphragms. The video of my Fortes may prove helpful.