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  1. EJC

    Need Center channel suggestions

    Last year I upgraded my center to a Klipsch RP450C. I had been using a M-L SLM surface mount as my center and it just couldn't keep up with my Heresys. The RP proved to be a much better choice at getting the sound field corrected. The system needed a center with an enclosure. The M-L SLM had issues with cone crash and could not provide an adequate sound field.
  2. EJC

    speaker suggestions

    I'll go along with the others suggesting the Fortes. They are a great sounding speaker with good range. A used pair of Forte IIs can be found in the $600-$700 range and you can upgrade the x-overs (Crites) at your leisure. I purchased my Forte IIs back in 1989 and still love them.
  3. We are in the process of purchasing a new home and of course I'll be reinstalling my home theatre in the new house.The area for the setup is an open area. I have access to run wire through the attic or the basement. There is no room for speaker stands or mounting on the wallThe receiver is a Yamaha RX-A1070 so power and speaker options are not a problem.Front main R&L will be Klipsch Forte IIsCenter will be a BA VRC My thoughts are to go with speakers mounted in the ceiling. - 2 front and 4 rear.I have not looked at ceiling speakers in a good many years.I'd love to hear ideas for decent speakers for in-ceiling mountingAlso, will I need a baffle to protect the exposed cones in the atticThanks
  4. I use my Forte II's in a 5.1 AV system. My receiver is a Yamaha RX-A1070 which replaced a 10yr old Yamaha RX-V3800 2 weeks ago. I've loved the sound from these speakers since I got them 30yrs ago, with their new x-overs they should go another 30yrs. I doubt that I'll make it that long
  5. EJC

    What kind of Heresy's do I have?

    pop the grill. If the speakers mount on the front of the motor board they are II's If they mount on the rear of the motor board they are I's My video will show how they mount in the I's
  6. EJC

    Insulating my Klipsch Heresey

    Bob Crites is in agreement with the above comment from Klipsch. Heresys don't need insulation just a good seal. That's what I did then I did a full rebuild on a pair of Heresys last year
  7. EJC

    Crossover Help

    Anything is possible, but my experience has been the opposite. I usually have to go back and tweak the auto setup after the fact, and it doesn't set the x-over points.
  8. The one that looks similar to mine is made in China, mine was definitely Eastern Europe
  9. EJC

    Crossover Help

    I just replaced my old receiver with a Yamaha RX-A1070 this week. Rather than use the setup mic I did it all manually, I've had bad experiences with the auto setup. 1- Pull out the manuals for the speakers, or check online for their frequencies response 2- on the receiver, set the speakers to small 3- Adjust the crossover points on the receiver 4- pull out a tape measure and check the distances of the speakers. Set the distances on the receiver. 5- Get your phone and download an SPL app and from your listening position set the speaker levels. That's the way I do it. The sound from my updated system is great hope yours turns out the same
  10. That 2 story ceiling may be an issue for your main speakers. I just did an installation at our winter home and the 18' ceiling was a problem. To keep the wife happy, I too wanted to avoid floor standing speakers and went with M-L Edge in walls. This turned out to be an expensive mistake. These were great sounding at the demo but would overdrive and the speakers bottomed in this room. I added a pair of Heresys and set M-Ls to front effects and the world changed. I also had an issue with the center channel, I started with an M-L SLM for the center and it had the same problem, I switched to a Klipsch RP450C. I needed the bigger box with normal drivers to fill the room. Good luck and think it through
  11. I found a lovely pair on E-bay this winter. The price was reasonable, they were made in Eastern Europe. the logos were metal with tape mounts. Unfortunately, I don't have the link handy, and I didn't see a similar one currently on E-bay. I can locate it when I get back to South Carolina
  12. EJC

    Original Forte

    If the cabinets are in good shape I'd grab them for the money, any parts needed can be gotten from Crites
  13. EJC

    Opinions on Heresy ii

    Last year I did a complete rebuild on some Heresy 1s., and I've been very happy with the results. Below is a video of the build. You can get the risers from Critesspeakers.com. You might want to also consider updating the 30yr old x-overs Good luck and enjoy
  14. Interesting idea that I hadn't thought of, but the problem would be the wire run, there's no way to hide the wire.