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  1. Original Forte

    If the cabinets are in good shape I'd grab them for the money, any parts needed can be gotten from Crites
  2. Opinions on Heresy ii

    Last year I did a complete rebuild on some Heresy 1s., and I've been very happy with the results. Below is a video of the build. You can get the risers from Critesspeakers.com. You might want to also consider updating the 30yr old x-overs Good luck and enjoy
  3. Interesting idea that I hadn't thought of, but the problem would be the wire run, there's no way to hide the wire.
  4. Thanks, I was real happy finding those grills.
  5. Last year I posted pics and a video of my Heresy I rebuild. This was a complete rebuild, only the cabinets are original. The drivers, crossovers, and connectors are all new updated versions. Today the LOGO finally arrived. I found a company on EBay that makes repros, $12 shipped. The company is in Kazakhstan and the quality appears to be pretty good. Also if anyone would like me to repost the video of the project just let me know. Also, my apology I took the pic with my phone and it appears that the focus could have been better.
  6. Yesterday I posted a thread on troubleshooting my system.Today, I have a question.My former CENTER channel speaker M-L SLM (surface mount) is still on the wall. I can always sell it but I'm wondering if I can still use it in the system.The Yamaha RX-A 860 allows the reassignment of amplifiers.Can anyone think of a reassignment of amps that would allow this speaker to be used?I'm drawing a blank on any benefit to using the speaker
  7. The more experienced guys may not have a lot of interest in this, but up until a year and a half ago I thought that I was experienced. I did the attached video because I've seen postings here on issues that have been encountered with the auto setup. I doubt that I will ever use an Auto setup program again. The experience I encountered with this system setup convinced me that I can do better manually. The system was professionally installed and they screwed up. The pros evaluated the room and again they advised poorly. The room had issues. I had to keep the wife's decorating in mind. And I made some mistakes along the way. All have now been corrected and the system sounds great. it took a while to get hear but it was a very interesting learning experience. I also would like to thank the guys on the forum who helped steer me to the RP-450C, it turned out to be a great Center Speaker. the System: Vizio 70" 4K UHD TV Fisher MT-273 Turntable with Ortofon M-10 cartridge Yamaha RX-A860 Receiver Front L&R Speakers: Klipsch Heresy I - complete rebuilds Front Effects: Martin-Logan Edge in-wall speakers Center: Klipsch RP-450C SW: Parts Express Titanic #300 10" Here's the video on how I went through the system and below it is an audio demo
  8. Thanks, it's reassuring to know someone else has experienced this issue. As I get older (66), I also have to question my hearing being an issue.
  9. I recently replaced the ML SLM wall mount Center Channel speaker with a Klipsch RP450C in my system. The change was a major improvement in the sound field of the system. I reset the speakers manually and did not use the Yamaha YPAO. I set the receiver crossovers to those specified in the speaker manuals and then adjusted the volume levels using an SPL App on my phone. The results were a significant improvement over the previous setup. I have been happy with the results. BUT, I've noticed on some (not all) surround sound videos (streaming) the voices, specifically, the male voices will sound "grainy" or sort of like old turntable rumble. Sorry, hard to describe but so far that's the best I can come up with. The issue does not happen with all videos 1- I guess it is possible that the problem is more related to the recording then the system. 2- The 450C is a ported, could the port be part of this issue? 3- The 450C is placed 9" from the wall. I currently have a rag stuffed in the port to see if blocking the port will make a difference. So far the sound is still good but I'm not sure yet if it is affecting the problem. Has anyone closed off the port on the 450C? Has anyone lined the interior of the cabinet with Dynamat? Any other ideas?
  10. Help with the finer points of setup

    Do it manually, you're going to have to tweak it anyway. Check the speaker manual and set the receiver low pass filters accordingly. Download an SPL app to your phone, I'm using VU Meter 1.4. Then you can use your phone to set the desired speaker levels.
  11. So far I'm liking the difference. The setup went smoothly. It's so much fun going through the receiver menus looking for the crossover settings etc. I used an SPL phone app to set the speaker volume level. And now I'm making minor adjustments in speaker positions
  12. So far the system sounds much improved and I'm happy with it. A 3rd Heresy would have been too big for the area.
  13. I might try that, but with an 18' ceiling reflections from the center channel don't matter much. I would also think that the port in the back benefits from the wall behind the speaker
  14. A few months back I posted that I was not happy with the center channel in my system, I was using a Martin-Logan SLM as my center channel. The SLM is a surface mount and it has short throw drivers and it was hard to balance in the system. I was not happy with the system. I looked at other center speakers and have always had a preference for Klipsch. I asked on the forum for opinions on the 440 and I was steered to the RP-450C instead. I found a factory recertified 450C on Amazon for an attractive price and it arrived today. This is a major improvement over the SLM. I thought a center with a box enclosure would be better and apparently, I was correct. I still have some balancing to do, but I'm liking it. The System Yamaha Receiver - RX-A860 R&L Speakers - Klipsch Heresy 1 - total rebuild with all new drivers and X-over R&L effects/presence - Martin Logan Edge The system just underwent a major improvement and sounds real sweet in either A/V or music The Klipsch R:P-450C and it was hard to balance in the system Rebuilt Heresy 1 RP-450C with the M-L Edges