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SB-2s or SB-3s


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thanks he. was wondering if he was endorsing that too high for big towers 80hz fixed crossover that thx started w/ the sat speaks & sub concept. he'd have to agree that at least for finicky ears adjustability there is best. big coincidence if one crossover level happened to be the best for every speaker out there, big or small. you know that's been my philosophy. Smile.gif

thx is good in regards to getting standards set across most equipment, but i've been known to curse them in the past for not giving the attention to big 2nd octave+ bass producers like our klipsch. cwm3.gif


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Well, I did it! I went ahead and exchanged the SS-1s and the SB-3s I had for a pair of RS-3s and an RC-3 speaker. Total difference in cost? $50 measly dollars! Due to all of your excellent suggestions (and me actually sitting down and READING the friggan manual for my AVR3802), I feel comfortable with what I have now that I got a good set of speakers - RF-3 mains, RC-3 center, RS-3 surrounds, RC-3 rear and KSW-12 sub.

I wished I had came here before I went and purchased my system. It would have saved me all the hassle, but fortunatly, no wasted money out of my pockets. My dealer (Tweeters) is only 2 miles away, so making the trips there was relatively painless. They, fortunatly, took everything back with no questions asked. Heck, they even retro-actively gave me a 10% discount when I showed them a coupon that I found in my junk mail! Pretty sweet!

Probably around next spring, I may consider getting that second set of RF-3s to act as the 'B' surrounds as Kieth suggested. That will yield me that ideal system of having (nearly) identical speakers all the way around, plus enable me to switch to the RS-3s for material they would be better served for. I unplugged one of my RF-3s and set it around the room to give me an idea of how the second set would fit. I think it'll work out good, although it'll be a fairly tight fit - just need to do a little re-arranging of some furniture. In the mean time, I am going to recycle my Infinity towers from my old system and use them as the 'B' surrounds. Granted, they are not a perfect match, but they are a little bit smaller than the RF-3s and will fit better in my room, plus I can put them right up against the wall since they are ported downwards instead of out back like the RF-3s. They also sound pretty damn good for a $400 dollar pair of towers.

There is one other tweak that I'll do before I consider getting a second set of RF-3s. Tweeters seems to have a policy that will allow you to trade up one pair of speakers for a new pair within a one year time frame. I'll have to ask how that works and if that also includes sub-woofers. I am going to try to take advantage of that and trade up my KSW-12 to an RSW-12 later this fall (better save that box Smile.gif ).

Now, I am happy with what I have - I just now have to finish hooking it all up Smile.gif

Thanks for all your help

P.S., I went and checked out that link to a compendium of Dr. Tooles lectures you provided, HornED. I'll have to sit down and read this stuff. It all sounds very interesting.


Steven Konopa

Fredericksburg, VA

Another proud member of the "Klipsch Klub".

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