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The best source, pre, amp for my P39F


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Hello everybody!

I need to apologize for my poor english, but i need an advice.In this moment i powering my P39F whit mcintosh MC402, preamp is C220 and the source

is MCD301 and i feel thet cood be beter.

What do you thinck about the next combinations:

1. source MCD1100 ,preamp C500T ,amp MC2301 and MEN 220

2. source MCD 1100 , preamp C500P, amp MC2301, MEN 220

3.soure MCD 1100 , preamp C500T, amp MC 1.2Kw, MEN 220

4.source MCD 1100 , preamp C500P, amp MC1.2Kw ,MEN 220

I licke the KLIPSCH sound my hometheater is 2 RF 83+1RC 64+ 4RS62+RS42+2RSW12D poweryng by yamaha DSP Z11

Thancks in advance to everybody for the suggestions and coments .

All regards Eugen

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I always suggest Luxman because of most of the other top world brands are always mentioned but rarely Luxman. I do not know if a luxman dealer is in the city you live in but if you can find a dealer ask to listen Luxman. You may prefer another brand but you may like Luxman better.

These might work:

http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=8&id=30 with http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=7&id=49

http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=8&id=32 with http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=7&id=49



http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=4&id=43 with http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=7&id=49

or if you have the money



http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=4&id=35 with http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=7&id=46

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The L-509u should sound outstanding with your P37fs!![:D]

I used to have a Luxman L-505F(the model before the L-505u) and really enjoyed it. When you get the L-509u let us know how you like it and post some pictures!

I do not have the money for the L-509u but the new L-550 ax I may get next year.


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