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  1. Everyone, as Boxx "jr.''... his son. These types of post mean the world to me and thank you for your kindness about Dad.
  2. Hello everyone, As you know my father suddenly passed away last Sunday. Your support and memorial has been wonderful. I listened to the forum playlist last weekend, it was great. Again, thank you. As with any death, funerals are not very cheap. I am trying to help my mother pay off bills that were unexpected. Boxx would want me to offer some of his equipment to the forum members. Edit: I need to clear up a few things because I am listing on this forum. My father had posted on here with the same item. THIS IS THE SAME ITEM. However, I have two of these for sale and can take as many pictures as possible. The only flaw on these units are is that the backlight is out on one side of the unit. It is not totally out, (I assume there is more than one light), however one will need to be replaced. Right now, I am selling one of his Mcintosh MC 602 Power Amps. This unit is in perfect cosmetic and working condition. I do not have the box (right now, it could be in the attic, or manuals). I know he had these and if I find them, I will ship to the buyer when they are found. Right now, the sale is for the unit only. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer. This unit ways about 155 lbs and will cost about $180.00 to ship USPS/FedEx/UPS. We can decide upon the sale. I am selling this as-is, but it is in immaculate working order. Please message me for questions. Price: $4,500.00 + shipping as stated above I tried to take the best pictures I could, but the reflection on the front will not allow for great results.
  3. As I can't sleep tonight, my macbook was just sitting next to me...calling for me to write on the forum about today. I wanted to say a few kind words about Micheal attending today. My father would have been thrilled that he meant that much to this forum and this community. I made it a point to go meet Micheal in person. Someone told me he was there, and I wanted to meet him. He is an outstanding person, and I wish I could have spoken with him longer. My mother broke into tears when she heard he was in attendance representing the Klipsch community and when he came and gave his condolences. She loved the memorial that was sent on behalf of y'all and I really cannot find the words to describe all the wonderful emotions that I felt about it all. Thank you everyone. I hope to keep my fathers memory alive by being "BOXX" on this forum, reading, maybe in time responding. I have enjoyed being a part the community. Thank y'all for welcoming me as BOXX, albeit his son, and responding. Members have sent private messages about Dad, and it is immensely helpful to read the personal stories when you lose a father and best friend. I want to agree with Micheal about the wearing of uncomfortable clothing... I have never been a fan of such clothing that just doesn't make you feel comfortable...no matter how you try!!! Alas, it was for my father, and I did the best I could for him. It is very nice to know that Micheal approved of the playlist. We had a nice mix before and after the service, and I hope people who attended will always remember the "audiophile" that my father was from the service. My father would have got a kick from making all ages of people listed to types of music he enjoy so much. Numerous people commented on the music and even found themselves signing a long to songs they had "forgotten over the years." That is what my father would have loved the most. Always listening, Alex
  4. I think in the interest of the forum, his avatar sums up what he would look like in person. Actually, it is not far off from him. He loved his "retirement beard." The story of his "nick name...." Let's just say it's Boxx, with two X's. I will leave the story at that for now. I do know he made it a point for his grandson to call him "Boxx" and not any other names! My nephew will miss "his Boxx."
  5. I was talking to my dad last night about my baseball schedule for school. He was excited and proud that a local high school didn't invite my baseball team back this year because they took us "lightly," and we beat them in their own tournament. I will always be thankful for the sacrifices he made for me to play at a higher level. He recently told me how badly his arm would hurt throwing the millions of pitches to me in the batting cages. I wouldn't doubt he threw me millions of pitches over the years. He never wanted to let the pain show, or tell me, in fear I wouldn't ask for him to throw to me because he wanted me to be the best. Those days will always be worth it to me, because it was time I spent with him learning the successes and failures of baseball...life. He would tell me, "baseball is a very unforgiving sport." Just like life, because you are, "only as good as your last at bat." As a young teen, he would print out or hand write little motivational baseball quotes in my room. I still have a few I kept over the years. It will hurt me deeply not having him in the stands while I coach, as he made every game he could watch. I know he is just looking down from heaven, it just hurts he will not be there after games to give me his "critique" of what happened.
  6. I would like everyone to know that your thoughts mean a lot to me. Today, we decided as a family to have a "non-traditional" service...I mean, that we will have a playlist before the service in the background, 2-3 songs during the service (I know one song I chose is "Time," by The Alan Parsons Project. My father would mention to me that, "this should be played at my funeral..." I always just laughed and thought it was meaningful and sad at the same time. My sister will help choose the music as well. As my father and I are both University of Texas graduates, I am going to ask the members of the service to join me in "The Eyes of Texas." I feel that my Dad would get a kick out of it, and I am very happy to honor him in a unique way. You have no idea how much your posts have made my mother and me smile this evening. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your kind words. Just thank you.
  8. Thank you sir. That means a lot for the offer. I teach and coach in Arlington. It is difficult to look at his stereo equipment, or want to listen to music. All of these things I shared with him, l remind me of him. This has been one of the hardest days of my life. I have lost a father and best friend.
  9. My family will have a visitation for him Wednesday 5-7 and his service will be Thursday at 1. It will take place at Jayne's Funeral Home located in Duncanville, Texas.
  10. Hello Klipsch Community, My apologies if this is in the wrong forum, please move if I made a mistake. I am writing with a heavy heart to this forum and community. My father, "BOXX" passed away last night. It was sudden and my family is still in shock. He was sitting at the kitchen bar in his house after we watched the Cowboy game together and had a heart attack. He went very peacefully. My mother and I did everything we could to help him. The only comfort is that it was quick and painless. It hurts me deeply. as my father was my best friend. He was always on this forum and I needed to share the news with this community. I realize it is an "internet community," however, he enjoyed this forum very much. As he passed away last night, he was listening to music (a new play list), surfing the forum (I checked and it was about Pink Floyd: one of my cherished bands, because of my fathers influence to me), and looking on amazon prime for yet another album. He was doing what he loved in retirement, listening to music...always too loudly...and always "just one more song"...much to mother's tolerance. He was married to my mother for over 35 years, and have both been role models for me. I hope that this news reaches his friends on this community, and please contact me if you have any questions. I have his account open on his laptop, and will check periodically. With a wounded heart, respectfully his son, Alex
  11. Pink Floyd made a name for themselves at the UFO club in London well before they became larger than life....
  12. That's as far as they will go, unless the same group of refs show up! It could be interesting since Dallas has not lost a road game this season....
  13. That's as far as they will go, unless the same group of refs show up!
  14. They played mostly poorly.... but they won. Cowboy's one step closer to the Super Bowl...
  15. Welcome to the "forum." Come often, post often....
  16. Boxx

    RIP Stuart Scott

    Sad news.... RIP
  17. Nice indeed. Good luck with your sale....
  18. We need a reason to do nothing?
  19. That woman is Claire Torry--she was a session musician and worked with the likes of Alan Parsons and Meatloaf (and many others). Whilst i like the screaming parts, she did sue Pink Floyd claiming to be a contributor to their song The Great Gig in the Sky. and I believe that she won the suit and claimed some money...
  20. If there is enough room for all the photos in RTM, there is enough room my friend. But PLEASE no photos of your indiscretions. None available.... all properly disposed of..... lol....
  21. BOO!!! It is sort of like waiting for the 2015 college football season to get here.....
  22. Thanks for your input... I smoked weed twice. I ended my reckless bachelor years with a DWI arrest measuring at .204 BAC. the phrase "this can't be good" is mentioned as having been uttered by me as I opened my truck door in three separate police reports regarding the event. There is not enough room here on this forum to report my past indiscretions, Thank goodness....
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