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Living Room Setup


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First a description of the room. 13' x 18' x 7'8" ceilings. North wall 18' with TV centered. Opening in south wall about 1/3 from East wall. Couch to left of this opening, about 11 to 12 feet viewing distance (main TV viewing area). Plan to put 4 Klipsch CDT-3650-C in each corner of the ceiling. Center will be RC-62 II and sub will be SW-308. I understand it is not optimum to have front speakers in ceiling, but that's the best I can do. This allows TV to be on either north or west wall. Can receiver compensate for the fact that the 2 front speakers are in ceiling and the center speaker is much lower, down by the TV? Also, do you think the 3650 adequate size? I am no audiophile, but am looking for something decent. For receiver, planning Pioneer VSX 1021 or 1121 or Denon 2312. Any input on this overall plan would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, would I aim the 3650 fronts to the center of the room and the 3650 rears 90 degrees to the seating area? Thanks

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the receiver will drive everything adequately. as far as compensating....well, there isnt a setting for "in-ceiling" l/r lets put it that way. The new prologic format allows for front l/r high speakers but are only used when the sound format uses them. They will not act as your actual regular left and right channel. both pioneer and denon have room correction software which can auto tune your speaker levels but above that there isnt much as far as correcting for it. Chances are you will perceive the spatial difference because the speakers are so far apart. You are in a tough spot.

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I had the Klipsch HT 500 with the satellite speakers up near the ceiling which is 10 feet and the center speaker just under the TV and that was a very nice setup. I have replaced it with the Icon V series and use Front Height speaker and surround speakers near the ceiling. It sounds great, and I enjoy the spatial effect like footsteps unstairs like in Master and Commander Far Side of the World. I know this is not what many audiophile consider optimum speaker placememt, but I like the way it looks (less obtrusive) and that is what auto-calibration is for. I think you will be happy and need not worry. I have a 7.1 system with a 9.1 setup. Hope this is of some help. My room is 20 X 19 and I sit 12-13 feet from the TV.

Pioneer SC 35 receiver

Klipsch VF 35 Front

Klipsch VS 14 Front Height

Klipsch VS 14 Surround

Klipsch VC 25 Center

Klipsch VB 15 Surround Back

Klipsch SW

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